A Dress for Curves

A Dress for Curves

A Dress for Curves

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“A Dress for Curves” by M.S. Parker is a captivating addition to “The Scottish Billionaires” series, focusing on the unconventional journey of Vixen Teal, a woman whose life takes a dramatic turn when she crosses paths with Carson McCrae, Manhattan’s most sought-after fashion designer. This book is a refreshing deviation from the typical romance narrative, blending elements of self-discovery, fashion, and unexpected opportunities.

Vixen Teal’s background is as unique as her name. Raised in a commune far from the hustle and bustle of New York City, her upbringing has been anything but ordinary. Her decision to leave behind the only life she’s ever known marks the beginning of a new chapter filled with challenges and the promise of a fresh start in Manhattan. Working at a boutique, she believes she’s found her footing, only to have her world upended by Carson McCrae’s unexpected proposition.


With his eye for talent and beauty beyond conventional standards, Carson McCrae sees something in Vixen that no one else does. His offer for her to model a new bra line is as surprising to Vixen as it is unbelievable. Skeptical but intrigued, Vixen’s decision to step into the limelight as a model for Carson catapults her into a reality far removed from anything she’s ever experienced. However, this opportunity comes at a cost—losing her job, home, and everything she owns.

Stripped of her security and faced with the harsh realities of New York City, Vixen stands at a crossroads. She can either retreat to the life she abandoned, a life of conformity and restrictions, or she can embrace the uncertainty and potential of a new beginning with Carson McCrae. It’s a tale of courage, resilience, and the transformative power of taking chances.

“A Dress for Curves” is not just a story about a woman’s foray into the glamorous world of fashion; it’s a journey of self-acceptance, breaking free from the past, and finding one’s place in a world that often values conformity over individuality. M.S. Parker has skillfully crafted a narrative that is as inspiring as it is entertaining, with complex, relatable, and endearingly flawed characters.

Vixen’s character development is the heart of the story. Her journey from the confines of a commune to the dazzling runways of Manhattan is a testament to her strength and determination. Conversely, Carson is more than just a successful designer; he is a catalyst for change, not only in Vixen’s life but also in the fashion industry’s perception of beauty.

Each installment of “The Scottish Billionaires” series delves into the lives of the extensive, blended McCrae family. Remarkably, despite the series’ breadth, M.S. Parker manages to craft each narrative so that the siblings and their stories remain vivid in the reader’s mind, even as they make guest appearances in later books. The author’s skillful handling of secondary characters ensures that each one enhances the story and leaves a lasting impression.

“A Dress for Curves” stands out for several compelling reasons. Carson, one of the protagonists, is depicted as someone deeply passionate about his career and personal life, embodying dedication in every aspect. In contrast, Vixen epitomizes the essence of independence and a free spirit, showcasing a reluctance to depend on others for her well-being.

What truly sets this book apart is exploring Vixen’s unconventional background. Her story adds a layer of intrigue and depth that enriches the narrative. Although the novel could have benefited from delving deeper into this aspect, it nonetheless represents a valuable addition to the series. Moreover, it’s worth noting that “A Dress for Curves” shines both within the context of the series and as a standalone story, highlighting M.S. Parker’s talent for weaving captivating tales that resonate with readers.

“A Dress for Curves” is a compelling read that offers much more than a peek into the fashion industry. It’s a story about finding one’s identity, the beauty of diversity, and the courage to pursue one’s dreams against all odds. M.S. Parker has delivered a heartfelt, empowering novel that resonates with anyone who has dared to dream big.

A Dress for Curves

When Carson McCrae, the hottest designer in Manhattan, asked me to model a new bra in a fashion show, I knew it was a line. How could it not be? I’m anything but a runway model. Sure, I’m tall, but I’m not skinny. I got more curves than Kim Kardashian. It was definitely a line. So why did I say yes?

Growing up in a commune four hours from New York City, Vixen Teal is not your typical New Yorker. Disgusted with a new leader, she leaves home and finds employment at a small boutique in Manhattan. During a chance meeting, celebrity designer, Carson McCrae, offers Vixen a modeling gig out of the blue. Little does she know that accepting it leads to losing her job, apartment, and everything she owns. Out on the street with nothing but the clothes on her back, she has two choices: go back to the life she knows and hates at the commune, or take a chance at a new life, modeling for Carson McCrae.