A Soul to Heal

A Soul to Heal

A Soul to Heal

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“A Soul to Heal: Duskwalker Brides: Book Two” by Opal Reyne delivers an enchanting and poignant exploration of love, healing, and the quest for identity set against the backdrop of a fantastical world where the boundaries between light and darkness, human and supernatural, are intricately woven. This installment continues the Duskwalker Brides series, deepening the narrative with a new tale of unexpected companionship, redemption, and the transformative power of understanding and compassion.

The story centers on Delora, a woman condemned to the Veil for a crime, resigned to her fate and the oblivion she believes it will bring. Her journey takes a miraculous turn when she survives her fall, only to find herself in the care of a creature she has been taught to fear—a Duskwalker. Delora’s initial wariness towards her savior slowly unravels as she discovers the complexity of his nature and the depth of his kindness.


Delora’s character is a beautifully crafted representation of resilience and vulnerability. Reyne skillfully portrays her internal battles, her gradual acceptance of her second chance at life, and her hesitancy to open her heart again. As Delora navigates her new reality, she confronts the wounds of her past—both physical and emotional—realizing that some scars run deeper than the skin, beyond the reach of magic.

The Duskwalker, a being of shadow and mystery, embarks on his own journey of self-discovery and longing for connection. His desire for a human companion speaks to his yearning for a name, an identity that affirms his existence beyond the confines of his kind’s reputation. The accidental arrival of Delora into his life presents an opportunity not only to fulfill his dream but to learn what it means to be truly human. His earnest and sometimes clumsy attempts to understand and care for Delora highlight his innocence and the purity of his intentions.

The dynamic between Delora and the Duskwalker evolves beautifully, marked by moments of tenderness, misunderstanding, and gradual trust. Their relationship serves as the heart of the story, showcasing Reyne’s ability to capture the nuances of emotional healing and the courage it takes to embrace love in the face of fear and prejudice.

“A Soul to Heal: Duskwalker Brides: Book Two” is a testament to the enduring power of love and the healing that comes from acceptance and mutual respect. Reyne’s world-building is rich and immersive, creating a setting that is both magical and grounded in the characters’ emotional realities. The narrative weaves together themes of identity, redemption, and the capacity for change, inviting readers to reflect on their own perceptions of self and others.

This book is a captivating addition to the Duskwalker Brides series, offering readers a story that is as heartwarming as it is thought-provoking. Opal Reyne has crafted a tale that resonates with the universal desires for belonging, love, and the recognition of one’s inherent worth. As Delora and the Duskwalker journey towards understanding and acceptance, they remind us of the healing that comes from opening our hearts to the unknown, and the beauty of finding connection in the most unexpected places.

A Soul to Heal

All Delora ever wanted was to disappear. Thrown into the Veil for a crime she committed, Delora was discarded by the world. Although afraid of her oncoming demise, she accepts it as it would be a worldly escape from her problems. She didn’t expect that she would wake up from her deadly fall, nor that the person who saved her would be a Duskwalker. She’s wary about him at first, but Delora begins to realise there’s more to him than just a faceless monster.

All he ever wanted was a name. After discovering that humans can be kept as companions, he begins planning for the day he finds his own bride. He still lacks humanity and there is much to learn first. One morning when leaving his cave, a human suddenly crashes into him from the sky. Broken and sleeping, he gets to work on healing the woman. It doesn’t take him long to understand she’s wounded in a way his magic can’t heal.

But will he be able to gain her affections, or will she come to hate him as he stumbles his way through learning about her – and more importantly, himself?