A Soul to Keep

A Soul to Keep

A Soul to Keep

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“A Soul to Keep,” the first installment in the Duskwalker Brides series by Opal Reyne, is a captivating tale of love, sacrifice, and the quest for companionship in a world ravaged by darkness. This paranormal romance novel masterfully intertwines elements of fantasy with the raw emotions of its characters, creating a narrative that is both unique and deeply moving.

Diving into Opal Reyne’s literary universe for the first time was an experience prompted by the widespread praise her work has received, and “A Soul to Keep” did not disappoint. This novel, a foray into monster dystopian romance, showcases Reyne’s talent for crafting immersive worlds and complex characters.


Reia’s tale begins in a small village that has branded her a bringer of misfortune since childhood following the tragic loss of her family. As an adult, she faces a dire choice: become a sacrificial bride to the Duskwalker or languish in the dungeons for the remainder of her days. Yet, she discovers that Orpheus, the so-called monster, is more of a gentle giant with a shadowy edge, yearning for a true partner to share his existence.

The evolving relationship between Orpheus and Reia, his “little doe,” is the narrative’s beating heart. Their journey from tentative interactions to a deep, genuine connection is depicted with realism and warmth, making their story believable and deeply touching. The introduction of another Duskwalker, who remains unnamed, adds an intriguing layer to the saga, sparking anticipation for the unfolding of his story in the series.

At the heart of the story is Reia, a young woman ostracized by her village due to superstitions that blame her for past tragedies. Her life takes a dramatic turn when she is chosen as the next offering to the Duskwalker, a creature feared by all for its supposed monstrous nature. Reia’s character is beautifully developed, showcasing her strength, resilience, and innate kindness, even in the face of unimaginable fear.

Orpheus, the Duskwalker, is a figure shrouded in mystery. Far from the monster he is believed to be, he is a being of complexity and depth, burdened by loneliness and the weight of his duties. His initial desire for mere companionship evolves into something much more profound as he and Reia grow closer. Orpheus’s character challenges the traditional boundaries of the paranormal romance genre, providing a fresh and intriguing perspective on the nature of love and connection.

The relationship between Reia and Orpheus defies expectations, flourishing in a place between two worlds. Reyne skillfully navigates their growing affection, transforming what begins as an unlikely alliance into a deep, soulful bond. The development of their romance is paced perfectly, allowing readers to immerse themselves in their journey fully.

The world-building in “A Soul to Keep” is another of its strengths. Reyne crafts an enchanting and perilous setting, with the Veil serving as a captivating backdrop to the narrative. The existence of Demons and the lore surrounding the Duskwalkers add layers of intrigue and complexity to the story, enriching the overall reading experience.

However, it is the thematic exploration of sacrifice and the lengths one will go to for love that truly sets this novel apart. Reyne delves into these themes with sensitivity and insight, presenting a narrative that is as thought-provoking as it is entertaining.

“A Soul to Keep” is a testament to Reyne’s ability to blend the dark with the tender, creating a story that is as enchanting as it is unique. I eagerly look forward to exploring more of this shadowy, romantic world in subsequent installments.

“A Soul to Keep” is a remarkable entry into the paranormal romance genre. Opal Reyne delivers a story that is not only about the love between a human and a supernatural being but also a meditation on the nature of loneliness, the desire for companionship, and the power of acceptance.

This book is a must-read for readers seeking a romance that offers depth, fantasy, and a touch of the ethereal. The anticipation for the subsequent books in the Duskwalker Brides series is undoubtedly high, promising more adventures, love, and mystical encounters.

A Soul to Keep

All Reia ever wanted was freedom.

Known as a harbinger of bad omens and blamed for Demons eating her family, Reia is shunned by her entire village. When the next offering is due and the monstrous Duskwalker is seen heading their way, her village offers her an impossible choice—be thrown into the prison cells or allow herself to be sacrificed to a faceless monster.

However, he is not what he seems. His skull face and glow eyes are ethereal, and she finds herself unwittingly enchanted by him.

All Orpheus ever wanted was a companion.

Each decade, in exchange for a protection ward from the Demons that terrorize the world, Orpheus takes a human offering to the Veil—the place he lives and the home of Demons. The brief companionship does little to ease his loneliness, and their lives were always, unfortunately, cut short.

He'd thought it was a hopeless endeavor, until he met her. She’s not afraid of him, and his insatiable desire deepens within every moment of her presence.

But will Orpheus be able to convince Reia to stay before she’s lost to him forever?