A Soul to Steal

A Soul to Steal

A Soul to Steal

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“A Soul to Steal,” the sixth book in an enthralling series that masterfully blends elements of the supernatural, romance, and the poignant journey of self-discovery, takes readers on an emotionally charged adventure into the afterlife. This installment introduces Gideon, a soul adrift in the nebulous reality of death, seeking solace and understanding in a world that no longer feels like his own. Into this world of shadows and uncertainty comes Aleron, a creature of Tenebris, whose encounter with Gideon sparks an unexpected connection that challenges the boundaries of life, death, and the heart’s capacity for love.

Gideon, grappling with the shock and disorientation of waking up in the afterlife, embodies the universal quest for meaning and companionship in the face of existential loss. His longing for a friend, for someone to anchor him in this new, disquieting existence, resonates deeply, highlighting the novel’s exploration of grief, memory, and the struggle to move forward. The introduction of a monstrous yet strangely endearing companion serves as a catalyst for Gideon’s emotional awakening, offering him a glimpse of purpose amidst the spectral haze of the afterlife.


Aleron, separated from his twin and left to navigate the dark realms of Tenebris, emerges as a figure of strength, complexity, and profound vulnerability. His journey with Gideon, marked by trials and revelations, unveils the depth of his longing for connection and the pain of separation. Aleron’s capacity to love, even in the face of uncertainty and the specter of loss, illuminates the narrative, weaving a tale of desire, resilience, and the indomitable spirit of the heart.

The dynamic between Gideon and Aleron evolves from one of mutual need and curiosity to a profound bond that transcends the physical limitations of their respective states of being. The author skillfully navigates the intricacies of their relationship, balancing the tenderness of their growing affection with the complexities of their desires and fears. The theme of wanting more—of yearning for a connection that defies the impermanence of existence—runs deep, echoing the novel’s overarching meditation on the nature of love and the possibilities of redemption.

“A Soul to Steal” is a compelling addition to the series, expanding the universe with a story that is as heart-wrenching as it is inspiring. Through the characters of Gideon and Aleron, the novel explores the shadows of the afterlife and the luminous threads of hope that bind souls together. The challenges they face, both internal and external, serve to deepen their understanding of themselves and each other, driving the narrative toward a climax that promises both revelation and heartache.

This book stands as a testament to the power of friendship and love to illuminate the darkest corners of existence. As Gideon and Aleron navigate the uncertain terrain of Tenebris and the afterlife, their journey becomes a beacon for anyone who has ever searched for meaning in the aftermath of loss. “A Soul to Steal” captures the essence of the series’ exploration of the supernatural realm, offering readers a poignant, thrilling, and ultimately uplifting tale of two souls finding each other in the vast expanse of eternity.

A Soul to Steal

All Gideon wanted was a friend. After waking up in the afterlife to discover he died, Gideon has nowhere to go. The world around him feels strange, utterly false, and he struggles to let go of the past he was ripped away from. Gideon never expects his new, monstrous friend to nibble his way into his heart, or give him purpose in death. His wings are soft, his body strong, and his skull face oddly compelling, but what point is there in desiring more when their future is meaningless?

All Aleron wanted was his kindred. Having been violently separated from his twin, Aleron is left behind in Tenebris. Unlikely events lead him into an adventure with a pretty human, who entrances him more with every step they take. Gideon is funny yet confusing, and he makes desire sink into Aleron like a frustrating set of claws.

Aleron’s heart is big, it’s ready to love, and it’s fond of the male he has in his keeping. But things do not always go as promised, even when Aleron is given the potential to have everything he wants. Will Aleron be able to keep those important to him close, or will he come to regret the choices he’s made?