A Soul to Touch

A Soul to Touch

A Soul to Touch

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“A Soul to Touch,” the third installment in a series that masterfully combines elements of fantasy, romance, and action, introduces readers to the poignant and thrilling journey of Mayumi and Faunus. This narrative delves deep into themes of redemption, love beyond boundaries, and the essence of sacrifice, expanding the universe with a tale that is both heart-wrenching and exhilarating.

Mayumi, a dedicated Demonslayer whose life has been shaped by her commitment to hunting demons, finds herself at a crossroads after being discharged from the guild. Seeking solitude and purpose within the forest, she continues her quest, unaware that destiny has a different plan for her. One fateful night, her path crosses with Faunus, a creature whose skulled, feline visage masks a protector with a profound connection to her past.


Faunus, bearing the scars of his encounter with the Demon King, emerges as a figure of tragic nobility. His dedication to watching over Mayumi, the human who has ignited an unparalleled affection within him, paints a picture of devotion that transcends the limits of his monstrous appearance and imminent fate. The complexity of Faunus’s character—caught between his duty, desire, and the inexorable approach of death—adds a compelling depth to the story.

The moment Mayumi recognizes Faunus as her savior, the narrative takes a tender turn, exploring the nuances of a bond formed in the shadows of danger and past violence. Mayumi’s initial intention to kill, halted by recognition and a burgeoning sense of connection, signifies the beginning of an unexpected companionship. Her fiery spirit and Faunus’s quiet desperation set the stage for a romance that challenges the conventions of their world.

“A Soul to Touch” excels in its portrayal of the evolving relationship between Mayumi and Faunus. Their interactions, marked by mutual desire and the stark reality of Faunus’s fading time, are depicted with an intensity that captures the essence of star-crossed lovers. The narrative navigates their emotional journey with sensitivity, highlighting the transformative power of acceptance and love.

As Faunus grapples with his fate and the desire to protect Mayumi, the story raises poignant questions about the nature of sacrifice and the possibility of finding peace and fulfillment in the face of inevitable loss. The struggle to reconcile their burgeoning love with the shadow of Faunus’s impending demise adds a layer of suspense and emotional complexity to the tale.

“A Soul to Touch” is a beautifully crafted addition to the series, weaving a story that resonates with themes of courage, love, and the enduring quest for connection. The characters of Mayumi and Faunus, with their depth, resilience, and capacity for love, stand as testaments to the power of the human (and non-human) spirit to find light in the darkest of circumstances. As their story unfolds, readers are invited to reflect on the nature of love, the value of life, and the sacrifices we are willing to make for those who touch our souls.

A Soul to Touch

All Mayumi ever wanted was to hunt Demons. After being discharged from the Demonslayer guild, Mayumi chose to isolate herself within the forest. The best place to hunt and kill Demons. But, one night, she’s surprised when a different monster is lured by her baits. Just before she unleashes an arrow that’s aimed to kill, Mayumi pauses. She realises she’s seen that skulled, feline face before and that it had once saved her life.

All Faunus ever wanted was her. After the Demon King cracked his skull, Faunus returns to watch over the only human he has ever cared for. He knows what his future holds, she would never become his bride, but he wants to spend what remains of his life protecting her. He never expected that she would ever befriend him, or that she would openly desire him. She’s as fiery as her burning passion, and he’s desperate to let her consume him.

But his time in this world grows short, and Faunus doesn’t know how he can be with Mayumi when he knows nothing will save him.