Abducted by the Bratva

Abducted by the Bratva

Abducted by the Bratva

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“Abducted by the Bratva” by Isla Brooks plunges readers into the dark and dangerous world of the Russian mafia through the eyes of a young woman who finds herself irrevocably entangled with its formidable leader. This first book in the “Zolotov Bratva” series sets the stage for a tumultuous and steamy romance that explores themes of power, possession, and unexpected vulnerability.

The novel opens with our protagonist seeking a temporary escape from her woes, leading to a passionate one-night stand with a stranger. However, this stranger is no ordinary man but the head of the Bratva, Russia’s ruthless mafia. The consequences of their encounter are far-reaching. When she discovers she’s pregnant, it catapults her into a life she never anticipated.


Brooks skillfully portrays the Bratva boss as both a villain and a protector, a man whose cold exterior and merciless rule over the city contrast sharply with his possessive and protective instincts towards the heroine. His insistence on marriage for the sake of their unborn child traps her in a gilded cage, sparking a complex dynamic between captor and captive.

The narrative delves deep into the psychological turmoil of a woman caught between her desire for freedom and the unexpected affection she harbors for the father of her child. The Bratva leader’s domineering presence and the heroine’s fight for autonomy drive the story forward, presenting readers with a romance that is as intoxicating as it is fraught with danger.

“Abducted by the Bratva” is more than a simple love story; it’s a journey into the heart of the mafia, where loyalty is law and love is a luxury few can afford. Brooks’ writing vividly captures the opulence and brutality of this world, making it a compelling read for fans of dark romance. The steamy encounters and the constant tension between the main characters make the pages turn themselves.

However, the story also poses important questions about choice, coercion, and the possibility of love in the least expected places. As the heroine navigates this treacherous terrain, readers are left wondering whether she will find a way to escape or succumb to the life and love offered by the Bratva boss.

“Abducted by the Bratva” is a potent mix of passion, power, and peril. Isla Brooks has crafted a story that is as gripping as it is erotically charged, making it a must-read for those who dare to explore the shadowy corners of romance.

Abducted by the Bratva

I accidentally got knocked up by the head of the Bratva. It was just one night with a much older stranger. One night to forget about my troubles. But when he finds out I’m pregnant, he suddenly becomes possessive and protective. And now he’s dragged me to his mansion and tells me I must marry him.

He rules the city with an iron fist, and now he wants to rule my body. He never accepts no, he always gets his way. I know what’s at stake, I know exactly what he’ll do when I don’t obey him.

He thinks he owns me, that my curves belong to him alone. His ice cold hands touch me until I succumb. His toxic tongue plays me until I give in. His heir is growing inside of me, and he will never let me go. Should I try to escape this Russian prison? Or should I give myself to the Bratva?