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Stephanie Hudson’s “Afterlife,” the first installment in the Afterlife Saga series, is a richly woven tapestry of dark, seductive paranormal romance. Set against the backdrop of a seemingly normal town with an extraordinary secret, this novel is a compelling blend of suspense, mystique, and romance.

The protagonist, Keira, is an intriguing character who arrives in Evergreen Falls hoping for a fresh start, only to find herself entangled in a world far beyond her wildest imagination. Her journey from a woman haunted by her past to one who confronts a new, supernatural reality is captivating. Hudson skillfully portrays Keira’s growth and resilience, making her a relatable and strong character who navigates the complexities of her new life with grit and determination.


Dominic Draven, the enigmatic owner of the Afterlife nightclub, is a character who epitomizes the brooding, mysterious hero of paranormal romances. His allure lies not just in his dark, handsome appearance but also in the power and secrets he harbors. The dynamic between Keira and Dominic is charged with tension and attraction, creating a spellbinding push-and-pull that drives the narrative.

Hudson’s world-building is a standout element of “Afterlife.” The nightclub, serving as a facade for something much more grand and supernatural, is an ingenious setting that intertwines the mundane with the magical. Incorporating various supernatural entities like shifters, angels, demons, and vampires adds a rich layer of fantasy to the story.

The writing style is another highlight, with Hudson delivering a descriptive and engaging narrative. The pacing is well-balanced, seamlessly blending action, humor, and romance. The slow-burn nature of the relationship between Keira and Dominic adds depth to their connection and keeps the readers invested in their story.

While “Afterlife” does include some steamy scenes, the emphasis on the storyline and character development ensures that the romance does not overshadow the plot. The novel is more than a love story; it’s an adventure into a dark, enchanting world that challenges the boundaries between good and evil.

Comparisons to other popular paranormal romances like “Twilight” have been made, with many readers finding “Afterlife” to be a more captivating and mature alternative. The novel’s ability to maintain interest through its slow-burn approach speaks volumes of Hudson’s storytelling prowess.

“Afterlife” is an excellent start to the Afterlife Saga series. Stephanie Hudson has crafted a novel that is not only a paranormal romance but also an exploration of a world filled with intrigue, darkness, and supernatural wonder. For fans of the genre looking for a story that combines romance with an engaging supernatural narrative, “Afterlife” is a must-read. The anticipation for the subsequent books in the series is well justified, as readers will undoubtedly be eager to see how Keira and Dominic’s story unfolds.


Just who is the King of Afterlife? Keira is new in town and running from her past. A past that haunts her dreams, that is until a new nightmare takes over them…a tall, dark and sexy one. Her New Boss, Dominic Draven.

Question is, what is the infamous Gothic Nightclub doing in the small town of Evergreen Falls and more importantly, what has its powerful owner got planned for her? Because not everything is as it seems and working the VIP section under his watchful eye is only the beginning. That’s because Keira isn’t the only one keeping secrets and Afterlife isn’t just a nightclub at all… It’s a place for a Supernatural King to rule. And this King has sights set firmly on Keira. The one he has been searching for throughout the ages of time. His Chosen One… His Fated Queen.