Alpha’s Promise

Alpha's Promise

Alpha’s Promise

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“Alpha’s Promise,” the tenth entrancing installment in Rebecca Zanetti’s “Dark Protectors” series, explores the depths of redemption, the complexities of love, and the power of unwavering determination. This novel introduces readers to Ivar Kjeidsen, a character forged from a potent mix of vampire, demon, and Viking bloodlines, whose harrowing journey through hell has left indelible scars on his psyche. Bound by a vow to rescue his vampire brother, Ivar’s path collides with that of Dr. Promise Williams, a brilliant physicist whose understanding of the universe is unparalleled, yet who finds the intricacies of human emotion beyond her grasp.

Ivar’s character is a study in resilience, embodying the series’ thematic exploration of battling through darkness to find light. The toll of his journey through hell has fragmented his once unshakeable spirit, yet his resolve to save his brother showcases the strength that defines him. His encounter with Dr. Williams marks the beginning of a partnership that transcends the boundaries of their respective worlds, blending the cerebral with the supernatural in a quest that demands both intellect and brute force.


Dr. Promise Williams is characterized by her exceptional intellect and a methodical approach to life that eschews emotional entanglements. Her interactions with Ivar challenge the foundations of her existence, awakening a maelstrom of feelings she had systematically categorized as irrelevant. The primal desire she observes in Ivar’s gaze acts as a catalyst for her own emotional awakening, drawing her into a realm where logic and calculation yield to passion and desire.

The dynamic between Ivar and Promise is charged with a tension that is as intellectual as it is sensual. Zanetti masterfully navigates their evolving relationship, crafting scenes that blend “spicy romantic interplay” with a profound exploration of what it means to be truly alive. As Promise aids Ivar in his quest, teaching him how to traverse the realms, their connection deepens, marked by moments of intense vulnerability and a pleasure that threatens to outlast time itself.

“Alpha’s Promise” is a testament to Zanetti’s ability to weave intricate narratives that captivate and enthrall. The novel is celebrated for its “sizzling sex scenes and a memorable cast,” a hallmark of the “Dark Protectors” series that continues to draw praise from critics and readers alike. The journey of Ivar and Promise, from the depths of hell to the heights of passion, serves as a powerful narrative of redemption, love, and the indomitable will to overcome the darkness within and without.

“Alpha’s Promise” stands as a brilliant addition to the “Dark Protectors” saga, offering a story that is both a “fast-paced, excitement-filled explosion of action” and a deep dive into the hearts of two extraordinary characters. Rebecca Zanetti’s writing continues to evolve, proving once again that her series is not only about the battles fought in the shadows but also about the promise of love as a force of salvation and transformation. As Ivar and Promise chart their course through the challenges that lie ahead, they remind us of the enduring power of promise—a vow made in the darkest of times to find light, love, and a future worth fighting for.

Alpha’s Promise

To hell and back . . . Though he has vampire, demon, and Viking blood rushing through his veins, Ivar Kjeidsen’s soul-crushing trip to hell broke him in ways he can barely fathom. One vow keeps the deadly immortal standing: To rescue the vampire brother who had sacrificed freedom for him. To do that, Ivar needs the help of a brilliant physicist with wary brown eyes, fierce brilliance, and skin that's way too soft.
br> Dr. Promise Williams understands the underpinnings of the universe but has never figured out the human beings inhabiting it. Her function is to think—and not feel—until she’s touched by a vampire who’s nowhere near human. The primal hunger in his eyes awakens feelings in her that defy calculation. As she shows him the way to step between worlds, he brands her with a pleasure that could last more than a lifetime . . .