Beneath the Stars

Beneath the Stars

Beneath the Stars

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In “Beneath the Stars,” the first installment of the Sugarlake Series by Emily McIntire, readers are drawn into the poignant tale of Alina Carson and Chase Adams, whose lives become intertwined from a young age.

This book is not for the faint of heart. It tackles life’s ups, downs, and curveballs with a gripping blend of tragedy and beauty. The story is a tangled, beautiful mess that keeps you turning the pages, desperate to reach the end to see what happens. The twists are relentless—you find yourself cheering for the characters one moment and questioning their actions the next, thinking, “What the what?! Why would you do that?!” It’s a testament to a compelling read that leaves you enthralled, and this book delivers on every level. Heartbreakingly gorgeous.


Alina meets Chase when she’s just eleven years old, captivated by his charm and the mysteries he carries. Despite their immediate connection, Alina knows that pursuing anything beyond friendship with Chase, her best friend’s brother, is off-limits.

Chase, burdened by past abandonment and insecurity, struggles to let others in. Yet, drawn to Alina’s golden hair and kind heart, he finds himself breaking his own rules, sharing his deepest secrets with her beneath the glow of stick-on stars.

As they grow older, Chase decides to embrace their connection despite the risks. But when tragedy strikes, Chase’s old habits resurface, leading him to disappear from Alina’s life.

Years later, Chase returns, now a grown man ready to confront his past mistakes. As Alina and Chase find themselves working together, old feelings resurface, and Alina realizes that Chase is determined to make amends, starting with her.

Set against the backdrop of their small town, “Beneath the Stars” is a heartwarming tale of love, loss, and second chances. McIntire crafts a compelling narrative filled with emotion, drawing readers into the complex dynamics between Alina and Chase as they navigate the challenges of their past and present.

It’s a love story with many layers. The portrayal of grief, particularly losing a parent, is hauntingly accurate, moving me to tears at times. Chase and Alina’s journey of finding their way through their struggles offers a ray of light in the darkness, beautifully capturing the depth of their love. Their relationship is intense and written with such authenticity that it becomes a beacon of hope amidst the challenges. This book is absolutely worth the read.

With its beautifully developed characters and poignant storytelling, “Beneath the Stars” is a captivating read that will leave readers eagerly anticipating the next installment in the Sugarlake Series.

Beneath the Stars

Alina Carson meets Chase Adams when she’s eleven years old, after he moves in down the street carrying nothing but a chip on his shoulder and dimples in his cheeks.

Immediately she falls, loving him before she even knows what loving is. But becoming best friends with Chase’s little sister means that he’s off-limits, no matter how much their connection screams for something more.

Chase never cared much for following the rules. Abandoned by everyone who was supposed to love him, he’s broken and insecure, choosing to push others away before they have a chance to hurt him. But there’s something about the girl with golden hair, and before he can stop himself, he’s sneaking through her window, whispering his deepest secrets beneath her glow ‘n stick stars.

As time goes on and they get older, he decides to give their love a chance, no matter what anyone else thinks. But old habits die hard, and when tragedy strikes, Chase is back to doing what he does best. Ruining everything.

Chase disappears, and years pass, leaving Alina with no choice but to pick up her broken pieces and move on. Until one day, he’s back. All grown up and taking over his family’s business.

When Alina and Chase are thrown together and forced to work in the same building, old feelings resurface, and Alina quickly realizes that Chase is on a mission, determined to right the wrongs of his past. Starting with her.