Bound By Temptation

Bound By Temptation

Bound By Temptation

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“Bound By Temptation,” the fourth book in Cora Reilly’s “Born in Blood Mafia Chronicles,” is a poignant tale of forbidden love and loyalty set against the gritty backdrop of mafia politics. This installment shifts the focus to Liliana Scuderi and Romero, weaving a narrative that is as intense as it is emotional.

Liliana, the youngest of the Scuderi sisters, is a character who evokes both sympathy and admiration. Her story begins with a sense of hope and youthful naivety as she harbors feelings for Romero. Unlike her sisters, who were married for strategic alliances, Liliana dreams of choosing a partner based on love. However, when her father betroths her to a man much older than her, her dreams are shattered, setting the stage for her struggle between duty and desire. Liliana’s character is beautifully developed, portraying the evolution of a young girl into a woman who understands the complexities of the world she inhabits.


Romero is depicted as the epitome of a mafia soldier, dedicated and loyal to the Cosa Nostra. His internal conflict regarding his feelings for Liliana adds depth to his character. He is portrayed as someone who is steadfast and disciplined, yet his resolve falters when it comes to Liliana. This conflict between duty and forbidden love is one of the central themes of the book and is handled with sensitivity and depth by Reilly.

The romance between Liliana and Romero is a slow burn, fraught with tension and longing. Reilly skillfully builds their relationship, making their moments together all the more poignant. The forbidden nature of their love, coupled with the high stakes involved, adds an intensity to their story that is both heart-wrenching and exhilarating.

“Bound By Temptation” also excels in portraying the inner workings of mafia families. The strategic marriages, the power dynamics, and the loyalty to family and Cosa Nostra are depicted in a manner that is both authentic and compelling. The dilemma faced by Liliana and Romero reflects the larger theme of individual happiness versus familial and organizational loyalty.

However, the story also delves into darker themes, including arranged marriages and the sacrifices made in the name of power. These elements add a layer of realism to the narrative but might be unsettling for some readers.

“Bound By Temptation” is a captivating addition to the “Born in Blood Mafia Chronicles.” Cora Reilly delivers a story that is rich in emotion, character development, and the harsh realities of life within the mafia. It’s a must-read for fans of the genre, offering a blend of romance, suspense, and a deep dive into the complexities of forbidden love.

Bound By Temptation

Liliana Scuderi has been in love with Romero from the moment she first saw him. After her sisters were married off for tactical reasons, she hopes she might be allowed to choose a husband for herself, but when her father promises her to a man more than twice her age that hope is crushed. No begging can make him change his mind.

Romero has always ignored Lily’s flirting. Her age and status made her off-limits but even someone as dutiful as him has only so much control. Wanting her when she’s supposed to marry another man could mean war between New York and the Chicago Outfit, and Romero has always put the Cosa Nostra first.

Lily suspects her sisters and Romero would risk everything for her, but is her happiness worth that much? Is love worth a war between the Cosa Nostra and the Outfit?