Bride by Ali Hazelwood


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In “Bride” by Ali Hazelwood, readers are plunged into a darkly enchanting world where the lines between love and duty blur, crafting a tale that’s both thrilling and irresistibly romantic. This paranormal romance novel marks a delightful departure from Hazelwood’s previous works, weaving together the rich lore of Vampyres and Weres with a story of forbidden love that’s as intoxicating as it is dangerous.

Discovering that Ali Hazelwood, a favored author of mine, ventured into the realms of Romantasy, Urban Fantasy, and Paranormal Romance with “Bride” filled me with unparalleled excitement. Approaching this ARC, my expectations were sky-high, eager to see how Ali would meld her signature STEMinist approach with a genre I deeply adore. And, without a doubt, Ali exceeded those expectations, delivering a narrative rich in wit, charm, and insightful exploration of fantastical elements as if she’s been crafting Fantasy tales all along. Her skill in weaving complex magical and political narratives without overwhelming the reader is nothing short of masterful, creating a page-turning tension that begs the question, will they or won’t they?


Misery Lark, the protagonist, is a figure of complexity and resilience. As the only daughter of a prominent Vampyre councilman, her life is far from ordinary. Marked as an outcast, she finds herself at the heart of a centuries-old peacekeeping alliance, thrust into a marriage of convenience with Lowe Moreland, the formidable Alpha of the Weres. Hazelwood excels in portraying Misery’s inner conflict and determination, making her a character readers will root for.

Lowe Moreland is a revelation. Crafted with depth and an intriguing blend of ruthlessness and justice, he stands as a stark contrast to the cold politics of the Vampyre Council. His initial distrust of Misery evolves beautifully, showcasing Hazelwood’s skill in character development and romantic tension. The dynamic between Misery and Lowe is electric, their reluctantly growing trust and understanding forming the backbone of this captivating narrative.

What sets “Bride” apart is Hazelwood’s ability to blend the traditional elements of paranormal romance—mortal enemies, forbidden love, and a marriage of convenience—with fresh, innovative twists. The novel explores themes of loyalty, freedom, and the lengths one will go to protect what’s dear, all set against the backdrop of a beautifully constructed world where danger and desire walk hand in hand.

The plot unfolds with a gripping pace, balancing political intrigue with deeply personal stakes. Misery’s secret reasons for entering the alliance add layers of suspense, while her journey into Were territory—and into Lowe’s heart—offers a compelling exploration of love’s transformative power.

Bride” surpassed all my hopes, flawlessly incorporating beloved tropes like unrequited love, forced proximity, found family, and a protective stance of ‘touch her and perish.’ Misery, our female protagonist, is someone you’ll want to embrace, offering the reassurance of her innate strength, perhaps unnoticed by her but felt by us. Ali Hazelwood has a unique ability to make readers feel seen and understood through her characters, a quality that resonates deeply with me. Closing the book, I felt a profound sense of connection and solace, a testament to Ali’s power to touch hearts beyond the confines of genre.

This book has cemented my belief that Ali Hazelwood’s talent knows no bounds. “Bride” is a testament to her versatility and prowess as a storyteller, leaving me eagerly awaiting her future explorations into this or any genre. The question isn’t whether Ali can write a bad book—it’s clear she cannot. The real anticipation lies in what world she’ll enchant us with next.

“Bride” is a testament to Hazelwood’s versatility as an author, proving her ability to captivate audiences across genres. With its rich world-building, complex characters, and a love story that’s both sweet and sharp as a fang, this novel is a standout addition to the paranormal romance genre. It’s a tale that will ensnare readers, leaving them hungering for more of Hazelwood’s enchanting prose and vivid imaginings.


A dangerous alliance between a Vampyre bride and an Alpha Werewolf becomes a love deep enough to sink your teeth into in this new paranormal romance from the #1 New York Times bestselling author of Love, Theoretically and The Love Hypothesis.

Misery Lark, the only daughter of the most powerful Vampyre councilman of the Southwest, is an outcast—again. Her days of living in anonymity among the Humans are over: she has been called upon to uphold a historic peacekeeping alliance between the Vampyres and their mortal enemies, the Weres, and she sees little choice but to surrender herself in the exchange—again...

Weres are ruthless and unpredictable, and their Alpha, Lowe Moreland, is no exception. He rules his pack with absolute authority, but not without justice. And, unlike the Vampyre Council, not without feeling. It’s clear from the way he tracks Misery’s every movement that he doesn’t trust her. If only he knew how right he was….

Because Misery has her own reasons to agree to this marriage of convenience, reasons that have nothing to do with politics or alliances, and everything to do with the only thing she's ever cared about. And she is willing to do whatever it takes to get back what’s hers, even if it means a life alone in Were territory…alone with the wolf.