Claiming The Pack

Claiming The Pack

Claiming The Pack

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“Claiming the Pack: A Forbidden Shifter Romance” by Lindsey Devin is the thrilling second installment in the “Mated to the Night” series, weaving a complex tale of love, loyalty, and leadership amidst the volatile backdrop of shifter pack politics. Devin adeptly continues the saga of Bryn and Night, deepening their relationship while escalating the stakes with new challenges and dangers.

Diving into “Claiming the Pack” without familiarizing oneself with “Fighting for the Pack” might bewilder readers. Initially, I was on the brink of penning a frustrated review due to the sequel’s apparent leap over the finale of its predecessor, sprinkling references that prompted a flurry of questions. My confusion peaked a few chapters in, prompting a hasty search for clarity. For those considering this book, I’d suggest ensuring you’re caught up with both Kindle and Audible versions for a seamless transition.


Once an outsider struggling for acceptance, Bryn finds herself at the heart of a potential alliance between two rival packs. Her relationship with Night, the rival pack’s alpha, has been a beacon of hope and transformation. Yet, their forbidden romance is fraught with obstacles, not least of which is Troy, Bryn’s nemesis, and her old pack’s deposed alpha, whose prison escape threatens the fragile peace between the packs.

Devin skillfully explores the nuances of leadership and its burden on Night and Bryn. Night’s determination to unite the King and Warg packs under his rule is a testament to his strength and vision for a future where their child can grow up in a world without the shadow of inter-pack violence. However, the path to peace is perilous, and the couple’s differing views on achieving it add a rich layer of conflict to their relationship.

The revelation of Bryn’s pregnancy adds urgency to the narrative, raising the emotional stakes for both characters. The prospect of bringing a child into a world riddled with animosity and danger forces Bryn and Night to confront their deepest fears and challenge the conventions of their society.

Devin’s portrayal of the Alpha Challenge highlights the novel, offering a gripping depiction of shifter combat and strategy. This ritual combat, determining the leadership of the packs, is a physical battle and a symbolic struggle for the future Bryn and Night envision for their family and their people.

“Claiming the Pack” excels in its character development, particularly in how Bryn and Night navigate the complexities of their roles as leaders and partners. Their growth, both individually and together, is rendered with emotional depth and realism, making their journey compelling and relatable.

Lindsey Devin’s writing is immersive, with vivid descriptions of the shifter world and its customs. The pacing is tight, expertly balancing action, romance, and suspense to keep readers engaged from start to finish.

Warning: Spoilers ahead

Bryn ascends to a provisional alpha role post-kidnapping, marking a significant, albeit temporary, shift in pack dynamics. Meanwhile, Tovi grapples with the aftermath of their ordeal, and Night, though recuperating, faces the resentment of his pack members. They simultaneously support Bryn as she navigates her unexpected leadership over a pack steeped in sexism and longstanding prejudices against her.

The decision to allow Bryn even a temporary alpha status, given the pack’s rigid views on gender roles, puzzles me. The narrative rationale for delaying another alpha challenge for a month seems flimsy, but it propels the plot forward without dwelling on the logistics too much.

Amidst these primary developments, several subplots emerge, seemingly disconnected from the central narrative but likely setting the stage for the trilogy’s conclusion. While these elements might seem misplaced given the current chaos, their significance is presumably poised to unfold in the subsequent installment.

The book is also peppered with unexpected twists that I dare not disclose, urging readers to explore for themselves. For those who’ve journeyed through the prior books, this installment is a must-read, replete with the series’ characteristic steamy encounters—seemingly a staple every few chapters for enthusiasts of the genre.

“Claiming the Pack: A Forbidden Shifter Romance” is a standout sequel that enriches the “Mated to the Night” series. Devin delivers a powerful story of love tested by the trials of leadership and the dream of a united future. This book is a must-read for paranormal romance and shifter fiction fans, promising an unforgettable adventure and leaving readers eager for the series’ conclusion.

Claiming The Pack

We must unite our rival packs. Our child’s future depends on it… If only falling for Night, the alpha of our rival pack, was the least of my problems. Now Troy, the fallen alpha of my old pack, has escaped from prison, and Night wants to hunt down.

If we’re going to have a chance of uniting the King and Warg packs, we need to stop the violence. But if Night and I can’t agree, I can't help but wonder what hope there is for us. When I discover that I’m pregnant with Night’s child, the timing couldn’t be worse. Troy is still on the loose and Night has uncovered sinister activity within my pack.

The only way for our family to be safe and have a life together is for him to succeed in the Alpha Challenge. If Night wins, he’ll rule over both packs and our future will be secured. But if he loses, he may not live to see his child…