Code Billionaire

Code Billionaire

Code Billionaire

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“Code Billionaire” is a riveting continuation of Sophia March’s renowned Mafia Billionaires series. March seamlessly weaves tech intrigue into the mafia universe, creating an electrifying tale that grips readers from the very start. As the fourth installment, it neither loses steam nor feels redundant; instead, it introduces fresh dilemmas and tantalizing relationships that enhance the overarching narrative.

Tito San Giovanni: The enigmatic younger San Giovanni brother, Tito is not just a handsome face but a genius in the world of tech. Contrary to the stereotypical mafia image, he comes off as an attractive intellect rather than the anticipated shy nerd. With a mind brilliant enough to devise revolutionary tech for the San Giovanni mafia enterprise, he’s a force to be reckoned with. But beneath that exterior lies a complex web of family loyalties and secrets. As the narrative unfolds, readers will question, just like the heroine: Is Tito merely a pawn in the bigger mafia game or a mastermind with his own agenda?

The Protagonist (Scout): A highly intelligent woman whose career takes an unexpected turn when she’s enlisted to work alongside Tito, aiming to benefit from both the San Giovanni’s tech advancements and the hefty paycheck that comes with it. But her role is more intricate than it appears, as the FBI sees her as their key to infiltrating the dangerous San Giovanni empire. Torn between her growing attraction to Tito and her covert mission, she finds herself at a crossroads where duty, morality, and desire intersect. As she delves deeper into the world of mafia intrigue and the tech wonders Tito offers, she’s faced with the challenge of guarding a potentially devastating secret, one that could cost her everything.

In “Code Billionaire,” readers will be ensnared by a tale of passion, espionage, and the age-old battle between truth and loyalty. As Scout gets closer to Tito, the stakes heighten, pulling readers into a thrilling dance of love and deceit.

From the outset, March introduces us to a protagonist faced with an immense moral and professional quandary. Tasked with a mission that could make her career, she finds herself ensnared in a web of attraction, deception, and life-altering decisions. The core of the story, her evolving relationship with Tito San Giovanni, is intoxicating. Tito, with his unexpected blend of tech genius and classic San Giovanni allure, stands out as a character who challenges preconceived notions. He’s a tech maven with the charisma and danger of a mafia heir, making him irresistibly complex.


March’s exploration of the dichotomy between external perceptions and the reality of an individual is stellar. Tito is not merely a shy nerd nor just a mafia prince. He is a multifaceted character whose layers are peeled back chapter by chapter, revealing the depths of his intelligence, vulnerabilities, and passions.

The narrative brilliantly utilizes the tech industry as a backdrop, bringing a modern flair to the world of mafia romance. The clandestine operations of mafia enterprises juxtaposed with cutting-edge technological advancements create a fresh, thrilling ambiance, a testament to March’s storytelling evolution.

The inclusion of the FBI adds another layer of suspense. The protagonist’s internal struggle, torn between her burgeoning feelings for Tito and her obligation to the law, is palpable. March deftly handles this conflict, making readers question the nature of truth, loyalty, and the lengths one would go to protect those they care about.

In “Code Billionaire,” secrets and betrayals hang heavy, and the tension is palpable. As the protagonist grapples with her growing affections for Tito and the looming specter of her covert mission, readers are left on the edge of their seats, rooting for love yet dreading potential heartbreak.

Sophia March has once again outdone herself with “Code Billionaire.” With its captivating blend of romance, suspense, and tech intrigue, it’s a stellar addition to the Mafia Billionaires series. Those familiar with the series will be thrilled with this latest chapter, and newcomers will find themselves eager to explore the San Giovanni saga from the very beginning.

Code Billionaire

Tito San Giovanni is everything I could ever want in a man. It’s a shame my job is to take him down.

It was supposed to be the job of a lifetime. Work with the genius younger San Giovanni brother to help develop new tech for their mafia enterprise, and walk away with a huge check and a wealth of new experience. There’s only one problem. Well—two, if you count the FBI.

The first? Tito is gorgeous, nothing like the shy nerd I expected when I was given the job. He’s got a face and a body to die for, a big brain and an even bigger—well, I can only imagine. And I do, unfortunately. Way too often—especially considering that I’ve never even seen one in real life.

The kind of tech he’s showing me, that is.

The second problem? The aforementioned FBI. They want me to work from the inside and take down the San Giovanni machine. The things they’ve told me about Tito’s family make it impossible to turn them down—but the closer I get to him, the more I wonder who’s really telling the truth here. And to make it even harder? I’ve never been good at keeping secrets.

This one, though, I have to keep with my life. If I don’t?

I might lose more than just my heart.