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Coldhearted King

Coldhearted King

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In “Coldhearted King,” L. M. Dalgleish masterfully weaves together the classic elements of billionaire romance with fresh, contemporary spins. Set against the high stakes backdrop of corporate boardrooms and architectural grandeur, this first installment in the Empty Kingdom series sets the bar incredibly high.

Our protagonist, whose unexpected romantic escapade lands her in the intricate web of workplace dynamics, is relatable and authentic. The decision to let go and dive into a whirlwind romance, only to find herself face to face with her one-night stand in a professional setting, is both serendipitous and a genuine nightmare. Dalgleish artfully portrays the complexity of navigating personal desires amidst professional commitments.

Cole King, the eponymous “Coldhearted King,” is every bit the enigmatic billionaire one would expect—commanding, inscrutable, and tantalizingly distant. Yet, beneath the veneer of corporate ruthlessness, glimpses of warmth and vulnerability emerge, making him an irresistibly multifaceted character. The duality of his nature—fiery passion one night and icy detachment in the boardroom—creates a palpable tension that keeps readers eagerly turning the pages.

Dalgleish’s strength lies not just in her character development but also in her ability to craft sizzling chemistry. The dynamic between the protagonists is charged with electric anticipation, making their interactions—from professional sparring to stolen moments of intimacy—an absolute delight to witness.

The narrative wonderfully balances moments of heated passion with emotional depth. The exploration of the protagonist’s internal struggles, especially her reconciling with the no-strings-attached proposition, adds layers to the story and makes her journey resonate with readers.

The inclusion of a virgin heroine brings an intriguing angle to the story, with Dalgleish handling it with grace and sensitivity. The development of their relationship from a simple one-night stand to something profound and emotionally charged showcases her adeptness at character progression.

However, potential readers should be aware that while the romance is spicy and exhilarating, it also delves deep into the emotional complexities of love, vulnerability, and trust. The story is as much about personal growth and self-discovery as it is about romance.

Coldhearted King” is a mesmerizing blend of passion, drama, and emotional exploration. It’s a compelling start to the Empty Kingdom series and a testament to L. M. Dalgleish’s prowess in the romance genre. While it can be read as a standalone, the allure of the narrative ensures that readers will be eagerly awaiting the next installment. Highly recommended for fans of contemporary romance with depth, heart, and just the right amount of heat.

Coldhearted King

I never planned to give my V-card to a gorgeous stranger I met at a bar.

But for once I didn't let myself overthink things. In the few hours we spent together, he managed to push me outside my comfort zone.

And I loved every second.

I never expected to see him again. Let alone sitting at the head of the boardroom table during my architectural firm's pitch to design his new hotel chain.

Turns out the man I spent one steamy night of passion with is Cole King, billionaire COO of the King Group. And unlike our previous encounter, when it comes to business, he’s as cold as ice.

Now I’m working for him, and it’s… challenging.

He’s arrogant, demanding, and seems to delight in pushing my buttons. But with every “one-on-one” meeting he insists we have, the memory of that night simmers between us.

I should never have agreed when he proposed a no-strings-attached arrangement, but I wanted to experience more of what he could give me.

I didn’t mean to trade my heart in return.

Now it’s too late.

Because no matter the warmth his touch brings, Cole is as icy in love as he is in business.

And I’m the one who’s going to get burned.

Coldhearted King is a full-length, spicy, one-night stand, billionaire workplace romance, with a virgin heroine, a dirty-talking hero, and a guaranteed happily ever after. It's the first book in the Empty Kingdom billionaire romance series but can be read as a standalone.