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“Consumed,” the fourth installment in Rebecca Zanetti’s “Dark Protectors” series, delves deep into the heart of the shifter world with a poignant, action-packed tale of love, sacrifice, and survival. In this compelling narrative, Zanetti explores the complexities of duty and desire, pitting the instincts of the heart against the survival of the pack.

Katie Smith, a formidable werewolf hunter from Western Virginia, epitomizes determination and courage. Trained to be part of an elite force, her life is dedicated to eradicating the threat werewolves pose to humanity. However, her resolve is tested when faced with the only man she has ever loved, Jordan Pride, who stands on the precipice of losing his humanity. Katie’s character is a blend of southern sass and unwavering loyalty, showcasing Zanetti’s ability to craft strong, relatable heroines who are as compassionate as they are fierce.


Jordan Pride, dedicated protector of his people, finds himself in a dire predicament due to a momentary lapse in vigilance. Infected with a deadly shifter virus that threatens to strip him of his humanity, Jordan’s only hope lies in the hands of Katie, the woman whose love he needs to survive the transformation. Jordan’s struggle embodies the tension between his duties as a leader and his desires as a man, illustrating the sacrifices demanded by love and leadership.

“Consumed” masterfully intertwines Katie’s and Jordan’s stories, creating a narrative that is as heart-wrenching as it is exhilarating. Their relationship, tested by time and circumstance, becomes a battleground where love must fight against the forces that seek to divide them. Zanetti navigates their emotional and physical journeys with a deft hand, weaving a tale of love that is willing to surrender everything for the sake of survival.

The backdrop of a deadly shifter virus adds a layer of urgency and suspense to the story, elevating the stakes for Katie, Jordan, and their people. The fight against the virus, coupled with the personal battles Katie and Jordan face, underscores the novel’s exploration of themes such as sacrifice, loyalty, and the power of love to transcend the darkest of times.

“Consumed” is a thrilling continuation of the “Dark Protectors” series, praised by Kate Douglas for being “hot and fast from beginning to end” and by Cynthia Eden as “paranormal romance at its best.” Zanetti’s writing shines in its ability to balance high-stakes action with deep emotional resonance. Katie and Jordan’s story is a testament to the enduring strength of love in the face of adversity, offering readers a captivating blend of romance, suspense, and paranormal intrigue.

“Consumed” is a must-read for fans of the series and newcomers alike, offering a story that captivates with its intensity, complexity, and heart. As the “Dark Protectors” saga continues to unfold, Rebecca Zanetti proves once again her prowess in creating a world where the bonds of love and duty are tested by the shadows of the supernatural, promising readers an unforgettable journey into the heart of the shifter world.


Sometimes You Mate For Life

Katie Smith is the best of her class, part of an elite hunting force trained to eliminate werewolves from the hills of Western Virginia. She's good at it because she has the kind of focus and drive that won't back down no matter how steep the odds. Call it southern sass. Whatever it is, there's no denying her willingness to risk everything for the only man she's ever cared about--a man on the verge of losing his very humanity. . .

Sometimes You Mate To Stay Alive

For the past ten years Jordan Pride has dedicated his life to protecting his people from a deadly shifter virus. But in a rare moment of distraction, Jordan's guard drops just long enough for his fate to take an irreversible twist. Unless the woman he loves surrenders everything to him, again and again, under a full moon rising. . .