Cult of the Hexad

Cult of the Hexad

Cult of the Hexad

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“Cult of the Hexad,” the seventh installment in Stephanie Hudson’s Afterlife Saga, embarks on a journey shrouded in deception, turmoil, and the quest for truth. This chapter of the saga delves into the complexities of lies and their ramifications, exploring the strength required to uncover and face the truth. As the saga unfolds, Hudson weaves a narrative rich with existential dilemmas, supernatural conflicts, and the relentless pursuit of one’s essence amidst chaos.

The novel centers around the Chosen One, Keira, as she navigates a labyrinth of deceit that threatens to ensnare her very being. The cryptic adage, ‘There is weakness in all when lies are told, but the strength in each is what we must behold,’ sets the tone for a story about the intrinsic power within individuals to rise above deception. Keira’s journey is emblematic of the struggle to reclaim autonomy and identity in a world where falsehoods have the power to distort reality and obliterate futures.


Hudson masterfully portrays the global search for Keira, infusing the narrative with a sense of urgency and desperation. The premise that the girl they seek might never have been meant to be found introduces a haunting notion of destiny and predetermination, challenging both the characters and readers to contemplate the nature of fate and freedom.

“Cult of the Hexad” expands the lore of the Afterlife universe, inviting readers to venture further into its depths than ever before. The battle against evil shifts to unexpected quarters, emphasizing the saga’s overarching theme that the struggle between light and darkness often unfolds in the most unlikely places. The emotional spectrum of the characters runs wild, painting a vivid picture of their internal and external battles.

The novel excels in its exploration of time, truth, and life—three concepts that are intricately intertwined within the fabric of the narrative. Hudson’s skillful storytelling ensures that these themes are not merely abstract notions but palpable forces that drive the story forward, influencing the decisions and fates of the characters.

Emotions are a driving force in “Cult of the Hexad,” with love, betrayal, hope, and despair each playing pivotal roles in the unfolding drama. The relationships among the characters are tested as never before, laying bare the complexities of trust, loyalty, and the bonds that tie them together. The saga’s rich character development is on full display, showcasing Hudson’s ability to create multifaceted individuals whose journeys are as compelling as the supernatural world they inhabit.

“Cult of the Hexad” is a profound addition to the Afterlife Saga, offering a thrilling blend of mystery, action, and emotional depth. Stephanie Hudson continues to captivate with her imaginative world-building, complex characters, and unwavering exploration of themes that resonate on a universal level. This installment not only advances the overarching narrative but also invites readers to reflect on the power of truth in shaping our destinies. Fans of the series and newcomers alike will find themselves ensnared by the intrigue and passion that lie at the heart of the Afterlife Saga, eagerly awaiting the revelations and resolutions that the future installments promise.

Cult of the Hexad

Time. Truth. Life. ‘There is weakness in all when lies are told but the strength in each is what we must behold.’ Can our Chosen One find her way back from the deception and chaos that surrounds her or is this the life of a trapped girl, broken and lost forever? A worldwide search might be on the cards but what if the girl they're looking for was never meant to be found? These are the questions both sides face in a race against time, truth and the life they are all trying to save. The battle against evil continues in the most unlikely of places and emotions run wild in this next instalment of the Afterlife saga. Will you take the plunge with our characters and delve deeper into the world of Afterlife, further than you've ever gone before?