Cursed in the Dark

Cursed in the Dark

Cursed in the Dark

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“Cursed in the Dark,” the third installment of the “Fae Bureau of Investigation” series by Scarlett West, dives deeper into the entangled lives of a human special agent and her complex relationship with Damien, a dark Fae wrapped in enigma and controversy. This chapter in the series elevates the narrative with an intoxicating mix of forbidden romance, a chilling mystery, and the looming threat of a curse that could spell doom for our protagonist.

The novel picks up with the protagonist struggling against the constraints imposed by Damien, her boss and would-be lover, who insists on keeping her away from the investigations into a series of brutal murders rocking the Fae community. The tension between duty and desire, loyalty and love, is a recurring theme masterfully explored by West, as our heroine finds herself irresistibly drawn to both the case and Damien, despite the barriers erected by their rival clans and Damien’s own inexplicable reluctance to bond with her as fated mates.


As the mystery unfolds, the protagonist’s determination to uncover the truth leads her into dangerous waters, further complicated by a deadly curse threatening her life. The curse not only serves as a ticking time bomb, adding urgency to her quest, but also as a metaphor for the seemingly insurmountable challenges that stand between her and her happiness with Damien.

West’s skill in weaving a captivating tale is evident in her development of deeply flawed yet undeniably compelling characters. Damien, in particular, emerges as a character of depth and complexity, torn between his clan’s expectations and his undeniable attraction to the protagonist. His actions, driven by a mix of duty, desire, and a deep-seated fear of the curse’s implications, add layers to the narrative that are both intriguing and heart-wrenching.

The romantic elements of the story are skillfully balanced with the suspenseful plot of the murder mystery and the curse, ensuring that readers are kept on the edge of their seats. The chemistry between the protagonists is palpable, their interactions charged with an intensity that is both passionate and poignant.

“Cursed in the Dark” is a compelling addition to the “Fae Bureau of Investigation” series, blending romance, mystery, and fantasy elements into an engaging and emotionally resonant narrative. Scarlett West has crafted a richly imagined world filled with characters who are complex, conflicted, and desperately fighting against the odds for their chance at love and redemption. As the story unfolds towards its climax, readers are left eagerly anticipating the next installment, hopeful for a resolution to the curse and the chance for true love to triumph over darkness.

Picking up right amid the action, this installment continues to ramp up the excitement. Adalee’s journey into her true Fae identity is thrilling as she embraces her growing strength. Her dynamic with Damien, fraught with tension and complexity, adds a rich layer to the narrative. Damien’s fluctuating demeanor is frustrating yet intriguing as we delve into the reasons behind his guarded nature. His fierce protectiveness towards Adalee clashes with his struggle to communicate effectively, yet their evolving relationship is charged with undeniable chemistry.

The backdrop of this story enriches the tale further, weaving in twists, secrets, and revelations that keep the pages turning. The mystery of the kidnappings and murders begins to unravel, offering some answers while deepening the intrigue. The blend of meticulous world-building and heated romance makes for a captivating read.

Essential to be read in sequence, this series builds upon itself, each book adding to the foundation laid by its predecessors. An excellent addition to a fantastic series, this book is a must-read for those already invested in the journey of its characters.

Cursed in the Dark

The dark Fae I risked everything to trust is still harboring deadly secrets. Someone is brutally murdering Fae people, and my boss, Damien, forbids me to be involved in the investigations. And yet, I can't stay away. From the case or Damien.

Even as fights break out between our rival clans, making it impossible to forge the relationship we both still desire, Damien still pursues me with a fiery passion in bed. But he rejected me, driving a cold wedge between us as he avoids making me his fated mate. Still, that won’t stop me from finding the killer.

Now, marked with a fatal curse that’s draining my life away, I don’t know what will kill me first: the dark spell…or Damien breaking my heart.