Defending Revin

Defending Revin

Defending Revin

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“Defending Revin,” the eighth installment in RK Munin’s captivating “Hissa Warrior” series, delves into the themes of freedom, healing, and love against the backdrop of a galaxy where the lines between owner and owned blur and shift. This sci-fi alien romance novel not only expands the series’ universe but also introduces a profound narrative that explores the resilience of the spirit and the power of love to transcend past traumas.

Kamaril’s story begins in captivity, having known nothing but servitude from the moment of her creation. As a Decanted human, designed for a life she never asked for, Kamaril’s existence revolves around the care of minari pets, creatures she tends to with devotion and sees as her only family. Munin skillfully portrays Kamaril’s life with sensitivity, emphasizing the depth of her loneliness and the strength she musters daily to survive her circumstances.


The arrival of the Hissa, a species unfamiliar to Kamaril, marks the beginning of her journey toward understanding freedom—a concept foreign and overwhelming to her. The transfer of her ownership to the Hissa is depicted not as a mere change of guardians but as a pivotal moment that challenges her entire understanding of self-worth and autonomy.

Revin, a Hissa warrior, embodies the novel’s exploration of protection and love. His desire to safeguard Kamaril evolves into a deeper, more personal connection, revealing layers of his character that are tender, compassionate, and mindful of Kamaril’s past. Through Revin’s perspective, Munin navigates the complexities of forming a relationship based on mutual respect and genuine affection rather than power dynamics and obligation.

The narrative excels in depicting Kamaril’s gradual adaptation to her new environment and the concept of freedom. Her interactions with Revin, filled with patience and gradual trust, serve as a testament to her resilience and Revin’s genuine care. Munin does not shy away from addressing Kamaril’s challenges in adjusting to a life where she can make choices for herself, highlighting the internal and external conflicts that arise from such a drastic transition.

The external conflict—an unexpected attack—serves as a catalyst for Kamaril’s realization of her own strength and Revin’s understanding of the depth of her spirit. This climax is not only a moment of suspense and action but also a turning point that solidifies their bond and Kamaril’s journey toward self-discovery and empowerment.

“Defending Revin” is a heartfelt addition to the “Hissa Warrior” series, offering readers a story rich in emotion, character development, and thematic depth. RK Munin masterfully weaves a tale of love’s ability to heal and empower, creating a narrative that resonates with anyone who believes in the transformative power of affection and the indomitable strength of the human spirit. With its blend of sci-fi elements, romance, and a focus on personal growth, this novel is a compelling read that stands strong both within its series and as a standalone story.

Defending Revin

After a lifetime of slavery, Kamaril is finally free. She just wishes she understood what it means to be free.

Kamaril has spent her life as a slave, raising and tending the fierce minari pets the family sells and trades as a matter of prestige. As a Decanted human, she was originally created and shipped off as part of a breeding pair. When the Decanted male didn’t survive the trip to the Anavac planet far from human-controlled space, and the wealthy family couldn’t get a replacement right away, they turned to raising minari instead. She’s spent her entire life surrounded by the fierce creatures, living each day devoted to their care.

Then one day, a group of males from a species she’s never seen arrive. The next thing she knows, her ownership has been transferred, and she’s leaving the only home she’s ever known, as well as the precious minari that are as close to family as she’s ever had.

These men call themselves Hissa and claim that she isn’t a slave anymore. They say she could have a child if she wants one. That she’s free. But she finds their ship overwhelming and the attention of so many unnerving. Then she meets Revin, and life on board the ship isn’t so difficult anymore.

Revin would give his life to protect any of the Decanted women, but Kamaril makes him want to surrender his heart. He doesn’t only want to protect her, but he also wants to hold her tight and whisper soft words in her ear. He wants to find out how to make her smile and spend his nights curled around her in a warm bed.

He wants so many things, but he worries that her life as a slave has made her unable to refuse him anything. How can he make sure she wants to be with him rather than agreeing because she perceives him as safe?

It will take an unexpected attack and dire circumstances before Revin truly understands how strong Kamaril really is.