Destined Mate

Destined Mate

Destined Mate

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“Destined Mate,” the opening book in Jen L. Grey’s “Twisted Fate” series, is an engaging and steamy paranormal shifter romance that delves into themes of self-discovery, resilience, and the inescapable ties of fate. Grey’s storytelling weaves a tale of a protagonist caught in a web of oppression and her journey toward freedom and love.

I began reading the first book in the series as a placeholder while waiting for another book’s release, only to find myself rapidly consuming all three volumes within four days. The series proved irresistibly engaging, maintaining a brisk pace throughout and ensuring that there was always something of interest happening. Even during the more leisurely moments, the narrative retained its allure. The books are best enjoyed collectively, given their penchant for ending on cliffhangers, yet they’ve quickly ascended to the top tier of my favorite series list, claiming one of the top two or three spots.


The story’s protagonist is a member of her wolf-shifter pack who endures the anguish of being unable to shift and the consequent mistreatment from her pack. Her character represents the underdog – someone perennially underestimated and abused. Her struggle to escape her pack leader’s clutches and her resilience in adversity are central to the narrative. This character’s journey from a place of vulnerability to strength is compelling and relatable.

Bodey, the male lead, emerges as a strong, protective figure whose instant connection with the protagonist adds a layer of intrigue and passion to the story. His character exudes the classic broody, strong, and silent traits often admired in romantic heroes, but it’s his unwavering determination to protect the protagonist that truly endears him to readers.

The dynamics between the two leads are charged with a mixture of suspense, sexual tension, and a sense of inescapable fate that drives their relationship. The concept of fated mates is well-explored in the book, adding a sense of depth and inevitability to their romance.

Grey’s portrayal of the wolf shifter world is rich with the complexities of pack dynamics, hierarchy, and the primal instinct of these supernatural beings. The world-building is detailed, allowing readers to immerse themselves in the story’s supernatural elements fully.

However, the story does delve into dark themes, including abuse and violence within the pack, which are integral to the protagonist’s journey. While these elements add to the narrative’s depth, they may be unsettling for some readers.

The writing style is fluid and engaging, with well-paced action and character development. The forced proximity trope and the “touch her and face the consequences” aspect lend an added intensity to the romance, making the book a page-turner.

While the conclusion was satisfactory and appropriate, it didn’t fully match the extraordinary quality of the series as a whole. The ending arrived abruptly, catching me off guard with a sense of “oh, that just happened” finality. Although it was surprising and not disappointing, offering a dramatic close, it lacked the sustained suspense that characterized the earlier parts of the series. This sudden conclusion made me speculate about the potential for a fourth book, which, as it turned out, was not in the plans. Despite this, the series remains among my top three favorites, thanks to its compelling characters, unexpected plot twists, and a balance of predictability with genuine surprises. I wholeheartedly recommend these books to anyone looking for an engrossing read.

“Destined Mate” is a captivating start to the “Twisted Fate” series. Jen L. Grey offers a potent mix of paranormal romance, suspense, and a journey of self-discovery. For readers who enjoy steamy shifter romances with strong characters and a compelling storyline, this book is a highly recommended read. The anticipation for the rest of the series is well justified, promising more twists, turns, and passionate encounters.

Destined Mate

Fate stripped everything from me and forced me to face my worst nightmare.

As the adopted and weakest member of my pack, I’ve always been an outcast and mistreated, especially since I've never been able to shift into my animal form.

Every time I try to find a way to escape my personal hell, my pack leader stops me, vowing that I'll never be free from him.

Then the worst happens.

A group of my pack members attack me.

Alone, outnumbered, and stuck in my human form, I'll fight for my life even though there’s no hope for survival.

Until a group of unfamiliar wolves come to my aid.

The sexiest and strongest of them, Bodey, is adamant to protect me.

And something inside me tugs toward him almost unnaturally.

But it turns out things aren't what they seem.

There might be something more to my past than I knew . . . and Bodey might be the very person I need protecting from.

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