Enemy in the Dark

Enemy in the Dark

Enemy in the Dark

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“Enemy in the Dark” marks the penultimate chapter in Scarlett West’s riveting “Fae Bureau of Investigation” series, a tale that entwines the fates of two lovers set against the backdrop of an imperiled magical realm. This installment not only escalates the stakes but also deepens the emotional turmoil as the protagonist faces an unthinkable choice: fulfilling a prophecy that demands the life of Damien, her boss, fated mate, and the dark Fae she loves, or risking the destruction of their entire world.

West masterfully weaves a narrative that balances on the knife-edge of love and duty, casting a shadow over the blossoming relationship between the protagonist and Damien with a prophecy that foretells a tragic end. The irony of a love so profound yet so fatally entwined with the fate of their people adds a poignant layer to their relationship, challenging the characters’ loyalty and their willingness to sacrifice for the greater good.


As kidnappings within the Fae realm escalate, leaving the community in fear and desperation, our heroine’s journey becomes even more perilous. The decision to go undercover to expose the masterminds behind the kidnappings thrusts her into a den of hidden enemies, testing her strength, wit, and trust in Damien. The plot thickens with the revelation of a kingdom shrouded in darkness and a king who may or may not be an ally, adding layers of intrigue and suspense that keep the pages turning.

The narrative is rich with themes of external and internal conflict as war looms on the horizon and the protagonist grapples with the harrowing decision imposed by the Oracle. The looming threat of having to kill Damien to save their world is a testament to West’s ability to craft a story that is as heart-wrenching as it is thrilling.

“Enemy in the Dark” excels in its character development, particularly in portraying the protagonist’s evolution from a reluctant participant in the Fae world to a key figure in its salvation. Her relationship with Damien, fraught with passion and peril, is a testament to the series’ exploration of the complexities of love and destiny.

The novel’s pacing is relentless, propelling the reader through a series of revelations and setbacks that build to a crescendo of suspense. The intricate plot, with its blend of mystery, action, and romance, is skillfully executed, ensuring that readers are engaged from start to finish.

This installment in the series is a compelling page-turner that I couldn’t put down. With its blend of action, suspense, and unexpected turns, the story keeps you on the edge of your seat from start to finish. The evolving dynamics between Adalee and Damien add depth to their characters and journey together.

The plot thickens with each chapter, unraveling mysteries, revealing secrets, and intensifying the stakes. The blend of danger and intrigue and the engaging narrative make this book a standout in the series. It’s a thrilling ride filled with surprises and delightful moments, showcasing the author’s ability to weave a captivating tale. Reading this felt like a rewarding adventure, and I’m eagerly looking forward to what comes next.

“Enemy in the Dark” is a compelling addition to the “Fae Bureau of Investigation” series, offering a perfect blend of urban fantasy and romance. Scarlett West has created a richly detailed world and characters who are deeply flawed yet immensely relatable. As the series concludes, readers are left eagerly anticipating the final installment, hopeful for a resolution to bring peace to the Fae realm and a chance for true love to prevail against the odds.

Enemy in the Dark

He’s my fated mate, and I’m destined to kill him. When I was forced into the dark Fae world, I never expected to fall in love with my boss, Damien. With our relationship deepening, an Oracle has decreed I must murder my beloved to save our people. While I wrestle with having to murder him, the kidnappings are spiraling out of control but the culprits leave no trace of evidence. To crack the case, I’ll have to go undercover surrounded by hidden enemies.

To make matters worse, our kingdom has been plunged into darkness. We don’t know if our King is the enemy and war between our clans is hurtling toward us. And now the King has threatened to execute court members unless we turn ourselves in.

In a race against time, can we stop the destruction of Faery, or will I be forced to choose between my people and Damien? Enemy in the Dark is book four out of five. Scroll Up and One Click to start reading this scorching urban fantasy romance today!