Fire In Her Eyes

Fire In Her Eyes

Fire In Her Eyes

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“Fire in Her Eyes,” the seventh installment in Ruby Dixon’s Fireblood Dragon series, marks a thrilling continuation of the post-apocalyptic saga where humans and dragon shifters coexist in a world filled with danger, desire, and the relentless quest for survival. This novel introduces a captivating twist to the series’ narrative by focusing on the dynamics between a human male protagonist and a female dragon shifter, offering a fresh perspective on the interspecies relationship theme that has been a hallmark of the series.

The novel’s protagonist is a human man who has found himself the relentless target of a red dragon’s pursuit for months. Unlike the dragons previously encountered, this one is a female, described as fierce, vicious, and ruthlessly wild. The man’s desperation leads him to a daring and unconventional solution: to stop her pursuit by taking her as his mate. However, winning over a female dragon is no small feat, especially for a human. He must capture her interest and conquer her, a challenge he deems worthy for Teva, the dragon in question.


The premise of “Fire in Her Eyes” is intriguing as it flips the usual narrative seen in the series, where male dragons claim human females as mates. Here, the stakes are different, and the dynamic between hunter and hunted is more complex, given the gender roles and species reversal. This setup provides a fertile ground for exploring themes of power, consent, and mutual respect in a relationship context that is anything but ordinary.

Teva, the female dragon, is a standout character, embodying the ferocity and independence associated with her kind. Her characterization breaks new ground in the series, providing insights into the nature of female dragons, their desires, and how they differ from their male counterparts in terms of courtship and mating. Dixon skillfully navigates Teva’s fierceness and the vulnerabilities that emerge as she interacts with the human protagonist, creating a multi-dimensional character that readers can empathize with despite her initially intimidating demeanor.

The protagonist’s determination to win Teva over adds a layer of depth to his character, showcasing his courage, resourcefulness, and willingness to embrace the unknown. His journey from being the prey of a relentless hunter to a suitor willing to face the challenges of conquering a dragon’s heart is both compelling and emblematic of the series’ overarching themes of survival and adaptation.

“Fire in Her Eyes” excels in its exploration of the emotional and psychological aspects of the human-dragon relationship. The process of conquest is depicted not merely as a physical challenge but as an emotional journey that involves understanding, compromise, and the bridging of two vastly different worlds. The development of Teva and the protagonist’s relationship is gradual and fraught with tension, misunderstandings, and moments of tenderness, making their eventual bond all the more satisfying.

The novel also continues to build upon the richly imagined post-apocalyptic world established in the previous books. The backdrop of a world ravaged by dragon invasions and the remnants of humanity’s struggle to survive provides a poignant contrast to the personal story of Teva and her mate, highlighting the series’ themes of hope, resilience, and the search for connection amidst chaos.

However, readers new to the series may find themselves needing to catch up on the broader context of the world Dixon has created, though “Fire in Her Eyes” can still be enjoyed as a standalone story due to its focused narrative and character development.

“Fire in Her Eyes” is a vibrant and engaging addition to the Fireblood Dragon series, offering a unique twist on the dragon shifter romance genre. Ruby Dixon continues to captivate with her imaginative storytelling, deep character exploration, and the seamless blending of action, romance, and speculative fiction elements. Fans of the series and newcomers alike will find this novel a thrilling and heartwarming read, showcasing Dixon’s talent for pushing the boundaries of fantasy romance.

Fire In Her Eyes

For months, I've been chased by a red dragon. They're the females of the dragon shifter invaders, fierce and vicious and as ruthless as they are wild. She hunts me wherever I go, and I'm not safe even behind the walls of a fort. There's only one thing I can do to stop her…

…And that's to take her as my mate. But to win the heart of a female dragon, I have to conquer her first. Not so easy for a human man...but Teva's worth the challenge.