Fire In His Embrace

Fire In His Embrace

Fire In His Embrace

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“Fire in His Embrace” is the third book in the Fireblood Dragon series by Ruby Dixon, and it continues the thrilling saga of dragon shifters in a post-apocalyptic world. This installment stands out for its unique blend of intense emotional dynamics, gripping plot developments, and the exploration of the primal bond between dragon shifters and their human mates. Dixon’s narrative dives deep into themes of captivity, sacrifice, and the transformative power of love, delivering a story that is both heart-wrenching and exhilarating.

The novel centers around Emma Arroyo, a character introduced against the backdrop of a world ravaged by dragons and the ensuing chaos. Emma’s plight is both personal and poignant; she feels responsible for the predicament of a magnificent golden dragon, Zohr, who her brother’s biker gang has ensnared. Her guilt and determination to rectify the situation lead her to a daring decision—to claim Zohr as her mate, believing this to be the only viable path to saving him.


Dixon excels in crafting a complex character in Emma, who embodies both vulnerability and strength. Her journey is not just about saving Zohr but also about self-discovery and facing the daunting realities of what her decision entails. Emma’s initial naiveté about the depth of the bond with a drakoni and the challenges it presents adds layers to her character development, making her evolution throughout the story both believable and compelling.

Zohr, the dragon at the heart of this tale, is depicted with remarkable depth. Dixon navigates his wildness and rage with a sensitive touch, revealing the pain and confusion that underlie his ferocity. The portrayal of Zohr’s gradual transformation through his connection with Emma is a testament to Dixon’s ability to weave complex emotional threads into the fabric of her story. The dynamic between Emma and Zohr is charged with intensity, showcasing Dixon’s skill in exploring the raw and primal aspects of their bond while also highlighting moments of tenderness and mutual understanding.

The concept of mating as a means to tame and communicate with a dragon adds a fascinating dimension to the narrative. Dixon delves into the implications of such a bond, including the possessive nature of the drakoni and the profound changes it brings to both partners. This exploration raises intriguing questions about autonomy, consent, and the essence of connection, making the story resonate on multiple levels.

“Fire in His Embrace” also shines in its world-building, further expanding on the devastated landscape and the remnants of human society. The inclusion of a biker gang adds an element of grit and survivalist cunning to the setting, providing a stark contrast to the mystical and ancient nature of the dragons. Dixon’s ability to balance the post-apocalyptic harshness with the fantastical elements of dragon lore enriches the overall narrative, creating a vivid and immersive reading experience.

However, the intensity of the themes and the complexity of the dragon-human bond might not appeal to all readers, particularly those seeking a lighter romance. The novel’s exploration of darker themes, including captivity and the struggle for control, requires a willingness to engage with morally ambiguous situations and characters.

“Fire in His Embrace” is a compelling addition to the Fireblood Dragon series, showcasing Ruby Dixon’s talent for blending emotional depth with action-packed storytelling. Emma and Zohr’s story is a powerful examination of love’s capacity to transform and transcend, set against the backdrop of a world reborn from the ashes of destruction. Fans of the series and newcomers alike will find this installment a captivating journey into the heart of dragon shifter romance.

Fire In His Embrace

There’s only one way to tame a dragon. Emma Arroyo knows this. She also knows that the big golden dragon captured by her brother’s biker gang is in trouble, and it’s all her fault. He followed her scent, and now his life is in danger.

She has to fix this, somehow. If she could talk to the dragon, they could form a plan to escape, both of them. But the dragon’s mind is wild and full of uncontrollable, killing rage. There’s no reasoning with him. There’s certainly no freeing him, not when he’s like this. But Emma can’t leave without him.

There’s only one way to solve this problem - a mating. When Emma approaches Zohr to claim him as hers, she realizes just what it means to be a dragon’s mate, and how much she’s in over her head… And she learns how fiercely possessive a drakoni male can be.