Fire In His Fury

Fire In His Fury

Fire In His Fury

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“Fire in His Fury” by Ruby Dixon is the fourth book in the enthralling Fireblood Dragon series, which continues to captivate readers with its unique blend of post-apocalyptic settings and intense dragon shifter romances. This installment introduces a fresh and intriguing twist on the series’ themes by intertwining elements of classic fairy tales with the gritty, dark reality of its world, resulting in a narrative that is both familiar and startlingly original.

Amy, the protagonist, is a fascinating departure from the typical heroines of the genre. Dreamy and romantic, she harbors fantasies of being whisked away by a dragon, longing for adventure and passion beyond the confines of her secluded life. Her character is a deliberate nod to Rapunzel, complete with a life of isolation and a sister who plays the role of protector. However, Amy’s yearning for a drakoni mate introduces a compelling contradiction; she craves the very danger from which she has been sheltered, seeking a love story that mirrors the fairy tales she adores yet is steeped in the harsh realities of her world.


Rast, the drakoni who claims Amy, is the antithesis of her dreams. He is not the chivalrous knight or gentle beast of fairy tales but a creature driven by primal instincts and a fierce possessiveness. Rast’s character challenges not only Amy’s romanticized notions of love but also the reader’s expectations. Dixon skillfully portrays his obsession and the intensity of his desire to possess Amy, creating a complex dynamic that is fraught with conflict, desire, and a raw, unbridled emotion that defies easy categorization.

The relationship between Amy and Rast is at the heart of “Fire in His Fury.” Dixon navigates their tumultuous bond with a keen insight into the power dynamics at play. Amy’s transition from a sheltered dreamer to a woman confronted with the harsh realities of her desires is handled with nuance and sensitivity, reflecting the theme of empowerment through adversity. Rast’s journey, meanwhile, delves into the transformative power of love and the challenge of reconciling his nature with the needs and wishes of his mate.

The world-building in “Fire in His Fury” continues to impress, with Dixon expanding the lore of the drakoni and their impact on the post-apocalyptic landscape. The contrast between the desolation of the outside world and the isolation of Amy’s tower adds depth to the story, highlighting the stark differences between the life Amy has known and the brutal reality of the world ruled by dragons.

One of the strengths of Dixon’s writing is her ability to blend intense emotional narratives with action-packed scenes and a richly developed setting. “Fire in His Fury” is no exception, offering readers a gripping plot that moves at a relentless pace, punctuated by moments of tenderness, passion, and profound personal growth. However, readers seeking a conventional romance may find the themes of obsession and the stark portrayal of drakoni possessiveness challenging. Dixon does not shy away from exploring the darker aspects of her world, which adds a layer of complexity and realism to the story but may not appeal to all.

“Fire in His Fury” is a standout addition to the Fireblood Dragon series, offering a bold reinterpretation of fairy tale motifs within a post-apocalyptic context. Ruby Dixon delivers a tale of longing, transformation, and the relentless pursuit of love in a world where happy endings are hard-won. Amy and Rast’s story is a testament to the series’ ability to evolve and surprise, making it a must-read for fans of the genre and those who appreciate a romance that dares to tread uncharted territories.

Fire In His Fury

Just like Rapunzel from the fairy tales, dreamy, romantic Amy lives a hidden life. She's kept locked away in a tower for her own safety, with her sister as protector. Amy knows it's for her own good. If a dragon catches her scent, she'll be carried away and forced to become a drakoni's mate.

But Amy has a secret - she desperately wants to be stolen. She would love to be rescued from her life of idleness and the thought of a devoted drakoni male charging in and saving her from her boredom sounds perfect to her. Of course, she wants a romantic, loving male who will adore her. What she gets is Rast.

He's not kind. Not romantic. Definitely not gentle. But he is utterly and completely obsessed with Amy and he'll stop at nothing to make the delicate female his.