Fire In His Spirit

Fire In His Spirit

Fire In His Spirit

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“Fire In His Spirit” represents a pivotal point in Ruby Dixon’s Fireblood Dragon series, introducing readers to a new set of characters and challenges within the post-apocalyptic world where humans and dragon shifters coexist in a tense balance of fear, curiosity, and sometimes, unexpected affection.

This installment shifts focus to introduce a new heroine whose life in the dystopian landscape is marked by survival and the constant threat posed by the drakoni. Unlike her predecessors in the series, this character brings a fresh perspective on the human-dragon dynamics, emphasizing resilience, adaptability, and the fierce desire to protect her community at any cost.


The story unfolds with the discovery of a new dragon, different in demeanor and intentions from those encountered previously. This dragon’s unique characteristics and the mystery surrounding his arrival add layers of intrigue and potential for both conflict and connection. The narrative delves into the evolving relationship between the human protagonist and the drakoni, exploring themes of trust, sacrifice, and the quest for understanding across species divides.

“Fire In His Spirit” stands out for its deep dive into the emotional and psychological landscapes of both its human and dragon characters. Dixon skillfully portrays the internal conflicts faced by the drakoni, torn between their nature, the influence of their chaotic new world, and the inexplicable pull towards certain humans. The protagonist’s journey is equally compelling as she navigates the challenges of leadership, the weight of her community’s expectations, and her burgeoning, complex feelings toward the dragon.

The romance that blossoms in this harsh, unforgiving setting is a testament to Dixon’s ability to weave compelling love stories under the most unlikely circumstances. The relationship development is paced thoughtfully, allowing for moments of tension, misunderstanding, and eventual deep connection. The narrative doesn’t shy away from the difficulties inherent in such a union, offering readers a realistic portrayal of growth and compromise.

World-building continues to be a strong point in “Fire In His Spirit.” Dixon expands the lore of the Fireblood Dragon universe, introducing new locations, characters, and threats that enrich the overarching story. The backdrop of the post-apocalyptic world is painted with vivid detail, immersing readers in the struggle for survival and the sparks of hope that persist amidst despair.

However, some readers might find the pacing uneven at times, with the balance between action, character development, and romantic progression not always hitting the mark. Additionally, while the novel introduces fresh elements to the series, there might be a sense of predictability for those familiar with the formula established in earlier books.

“Fire In His Spirit” is a compelling continuation of the Fireblood Dragon series, offering a blend of romance, adventure, and speculative fiction that fans have come to expect from Ruby Dixon. The novel successfully maintains the momentum of the series while introducing new themes and challenges, making it a must-read for those invested in the saga of humans and dragons navigating the complexities of love, loyalty, and survival in a world reborn from the ashes.

Fire In His Spirit

Gwen’s never wanted to be a leader, but when no one else stepped up, she took on the role. As the mayor of post-apocalyptic Shreveport, she’s made decisions to protect her people…and most of them have backfired disastrously. When she discovers that the dangerous gold dragon lurking outside of the fort has decided she’s his mate, heartsick Gwen thinks that the best thing she can do is confront him and take him far away from the city.

She does this to save her people - her sister, her friends, her fort. She doesn’t expect to understand the dragon. She certainly doesn’t expect to fall in love.