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“Glamoured,” the sixth and final installment in Jaymin Eve’s enthralling Shadow Beast Shifters series, delivers a fitting and poignant conclusion to a saga that has captivated readers with its intricate world-building, dynamic characters, and intense emotional depth. This book focuses on Samantha, a shifter with a burdensome secret that threatens to unravel her entire existence.

Samantha’s tale is one of sacrifice and desperation. To protect the most crucial person in her life, she agrees to a daunting bargain: form a mate bond with her pack’s future leader in exchange for her long-coveted freedom, contingent on producing an heir. However, an unexpected invocation during the ceremony summons none other than the formidable Shadow Beast and his formidable mate, Mera. Mera’s intervention unveils hidden truths and potential salvation from their grim destinies.


The revelation that Samantha’s true challenge lies not with her pack’s leader but with Len, a prince of the Silver Lands and one of Shadow’s brothers, adds layers of complexity and intrigue to her journey. Len, a fae with the key to saving what Samantha holds dear, represents both a promise and a peril to her heart and soul as she ventures into the feared and mesmerizing world of Faerie.

Jaymin Eve masterfully crafts a narrative that weaves together themes of loyalty, sacrifice, and the search for identity. Samantha’s evolution from a secretive shifter to a pivotal figure in a grand, supernatural chess game is compelling and richly detailed. Her reluctant alliance with Len introduces a tantalizing mix of romance and danger as their fates become increasingly intertwined with the mystical and treacherous politics of Faerie.

The character development in “Glamoured” is a standout element, with Samantha’s resilience and Len’s enigmatic charm capturing the reader’s imagination. Their relationship, marked by tentative trust and growing affection, is a testament to Eve’s ability to create multifaceted relationships that resonate with authenticity and emotional resonance.

The backdrop of the Shadow Beast Shifter world, with its intricate lore and diverse realms, provides a vibrant setting for Samantha’s story. Eve’s skillful depiction of Faerie, with its allure and threats, enriches the narrative, offering a vivid exploration of a realm where beauty and danger coexist.

First off, let me just express my bittersweet feelings, knowing that this is the final book in this mesmerizing series. It’s been an incredible journey, one filled with laughter, action, and characters that have etched themselves deep into my heart. The end of the series has left me with a mix of emotions, especially after reading the author’s note that stirred a whirlwind of feelings and left me yearning for more.

“Compelled” surprised me in so many ways, particularly when it comes to Len. Boy, was I wrong to underestimate him! His power and presence are so formidable that even Shadow steps back in respect. This revelation was a game-changer, highlighting that when it comes to their loved ones, these characters are fiercely protective, making any threat against them lethal.

Sam and Len’s story was a rollercoaster of anticipation and excitement. I found myself rooting for Sam to confront her alpha head-on, and yet, understanding her hesitation due to past betrayals and fears. It’s a complicated web of trust and loyalty, and Sam’s journey through it was both frustrating and understandable.

There’s also a hint at more significant players yet to be revealed, particularly concerning Galleli, who remains an enigma. The possibility of his story unfolding and intertwining with potential mates is thrilling and leaves me hopeful for future tales in this universe despite the series coming to an end.

The absence of Alistair still stings, and I secretly harbored hopes for a miraculous return in this installment. His loss is a shadow that lingers, reminding us of the stakes in this world Jaymin Eve has so brilliantly crafted.

One aspect I truly enjoyed was the dynamic between Sam, Shadow, and their packs. Their protective instincts, especially in moments of shared concern, added depth to their characters and relationships, showcasing a blend of possessiveness and camaraderie that was both amusing and heartwarming.

As for Len’s friend Tyrin, his brief appearances left me curious and wanting more. His interactions with Len provided glimpses into the fae world and its intricate relationships, making me wish for a spin-off that delves deeper into his story and potential for finding love.

This book is a feast for the imagination, a fitting farewell to a series that has become a staple in the world of paranormal romance. Enjoy, fellow readers, for you’re in for an unforgettable ride.

“Glamoured” is a triumph of paranormal romance and fantasy storytelling. It not only concludes Samantha’s journey with grace and intensity but also cements the Shadow Beast Shifters series as a landmark in its genre. Jaymin Eve delivers a story that is both a thrilling adventure and a heartfelt exploration of love, duty, and the courage to face one’s destiny. Fans of the series will find this final chapter a deeply satisfying conclusion to an unforgettable saga.


Samantha, of the Clarity shifters, has a secret. And it’s going to cost her everything.

To save the most important person in her life, Samantha promises to form a mate bond with her pack’s future leader. If she can produce one heir, she’ll finally have her freedom.

During the ceremony, the leader invokes the Shadow Beast’s name, calling the powerful and scary god right into their midst. A god with an even scarier mate. Mera, a shifter Samantha once counted as friend, never lets anything rest. She demands her secrets be revealed, and in doing so, uncovers a way to save them all from this fate.

And it turns out that the Clarity pack leader isn’t Samantha’s greatest challenge.

It’s one of Shadow's brothers: Len, prince of the Silver Lands. The fae with the knowledge to save the one she cherishes above all others, and now she must tie herself to him and Faerie.

A world that she’s long feared. A world that could steal her heart.

And her soul.

If the prince doesn’t take them first.