Love at First Blizzard

Love at First Blizzard: A Mountain Man / Curvy Girl Romance

Love at First Blizzard

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“Love at First Blizzard” by Engrid Eaves is a sizzling romance that takes the reader on a passionate journey into the heart of a snow-capped mountain retreat. This first book in the “Rough and Ready Country” series introduces us to Maksim, a grumpy mountain man with a heart as large as his physique, and Alex, a curvy classical musician who finds herself stranded and at the mercy of the elements—and her rugged rescuer.

The narrative expertly captures the tension between Maksim and Alex from their fiery first encounter. Maksim’s gruff exterior and Alex’s initial distrust create a compelling dynamic that evolves beautifully throughout the story. Eaves skillfully navigates the delicate dance of attraction and resistance, building a palpable chemistry that keeps the pages turning.


“Love at First Blizzard” offers a cozy yet thrilling tale of survival, unexpected connections, and the warmth found amidst the cold clutches of a blizzard. This brief narrative captures the essence of a serendipitous encounter between Alex “Saska,” a classical musician on her way through the Sierra Nevada Mountains, and Maksim, a rugged mountain man with a heart as vast as the wilderness he calls home.

As Saska finds herself trapped and powerless against nature’s fury, Maksim, alongside his team of rescue malamutes and huskies, emerges as her unexpected savior. The intensity of the blizzard forces them into close quarters, where the cold outside is contrasted by the heat of their growing attraction. Their bond, catalyzed by the raw and primal fight for survival, blossoms into a passionate connection marked by a night of unprotected intimacy.

While the story ends on an open note, leaving readers yearning for more about the future of this unlikely pair, it beautifully encapsulates a moment in time where two lives are intertwined by fate. The narrative thrives on the stark beauty of the snowy mountains, the resilience of the human spirit, and the undeniable draw between two people thrown together by circumstance.

Though brief, the story leaves a lasting impression, invoking a desire to know what lies ahead for Saska and Maksim. Will the bond formed in the isolation of the blizzard when they return to civilization, or will it remain a fleeting connection forged by the intensity of their shared experience? The open-ended conclusion serves as an invitation for the reader’s imagination to take the reins, pondering the many directions in which their story could unfold.

Maksim is the quintessential alpha male—brooding, protective, and irresistibly dominant. Yet, Eaves adds layers to his character that reveal vulnerability and depth, making him a hero readers will root for. Alex, on the other hand, is more than just a damsel in distress. Her strength, wit, and resilience shine through, making her a perfect match for the stubborn mountain man.

The forced proximity of being snowed in together serves as the perfect backdrop for their romance to unfold. Eaves masterfully uses the isolation of the blizzard to strip away their defenses, allowing for intimate moments of vulnerability and connection. The steamy scenes are tastefully written, blending passion with emotion in a way that enhances the overall narrative.

Beyond the romance, the book touches on themes of healing and redemption. Both Maksim and Alex carry scars from their pasts, and their journey together is as much about finding love as it is about finding themselves. Eaves handles these themes with sensitivity, weaving a story that is both heartwarming and deeply moving.

The description of the mountain setting adds another layer of allure to the story. The harsh beauty of the wilderness mirrors the tumultuous, yet ultimately beautiful, love story unfolding within it. Eaves’ vivid imagery transports readers right into the heart of the blizzard, making them feel every bit of the cold outside and the warmth developing between the characters.

“Love at First Blizzard” is a captivating start to the “Rough and Ready Country” series. Engrid Eaves delivers a romance that is equal parts steamy and sweet, with characters that are flawed, relatable, and endearing. For fans of mountain man romances, curvy heroines, and stories of unexpected love, this book is a must-read. It stands as a testament to the power of love to conquer all, even the most frigid of blizzards.

Love at First Blizzard

This grumpy mountain man is her savior … until he demands complete surrender!

During a freak March blizzard, I save a stranded woman from freezing. The thanks I get in return? She declares me a creep, a dimwit, and a thief. Despite her wicked mouth, the ungrateful city girl’s got curves for days. And seeing her in my flannel inspires dark, dirty desires. The longer we’re snowed in, the more I realize begrudging gratitude won’t cut it.

Nothing comes for free, and no good deed goes unpunished. Maybe that’s why I accuse the grumpy mountain man who saves me of ulterior motives. But honestly, I’m the one drooling over every inch of his muscular frame. Would one snowbound night with this rugged alpha satisfy the lust rising in my core? The closer we get, the hotter the sparks fly, and I’m wondering how I’ll breathe — let alone move on — without my gruff savior once the snow melts.