Love at First Rescue

Love at First Rescue: A Small-Town Sheriff / Curvy Girl Steamy Romance

Love at First Rescue

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“Love at First Rescue” marks the third exhilarating chapter in Engrid Eaves’s “Rough and Ready Country” series, a heart-pounding narrative blending suspense, sizzling romance, and the indomitable spirit of small-town connections. This installment focuses on Cricket, a determined and curvy dispatcher with unacknowledged feelings for her boss, and Christian, the stoic sheriff and local football hero, whose sense of duty and past pains have kept him from acknowledging his feelings for her.

Cricket is a character many readers will instantly connect with. Eaves crafts her as more than just a lovestruck employee; she’s a woman of ambition, depth, and resilience. Her decision to seek career advancement is not just a plot device but a statement of her self-worth and determination not to be defined by her unrequited love. This move sets the stage for a captivating dance of realization and desire between her and Christian, as physical and emotional proximity sparks undeniable chemistry.


Christian, depicted as Rough & Ready Country’s golden boy turned lawman, is a study in contrasts. His imposing physical presence and authority mask a well of vulnerability and a past that haunts him, preventing him from seizing happiness that seems just within reach. Eaves does a masterful job of peeling back his layers, revealing a man torn between duty and desire, haunted by a past that has convinced him he’s unworthy of love, especially from someone as full of life as Cricket.

The dynamics of their relationship are the heart of the story, evolving from a simmering undercurrent of mutual attraction to a conflagration that neither can deny. Eaves skillfully uses the forced proximity trope not as a mere setup for steamy encounters but as a catalyst for genuine emotional growth. The suspense element introduced through Cricket’s new job adds a thrilling layer of danger, bringing the characters closer and testing their resolve.

Eaves’s portrayal of the small-town setting adds another charm to the story. Rough & Ready Country feels like a character in its own right, with its close-knit community, scenic beauty, and the sense of belonging it provides. The author captures the essence of small-town life with its gossip, deep-seated relationships, and the way it rallies around its own in times of crisis.

“Love at First Rescue” is a steamy romance that doesn’t shy away from the complexities of love and redemption. Cricket and Christian’s journey is fraught with internal and external obstacles, but their growth, individually and together, makes their story compelling. Eaves balances the steamy with the sweet, the tense with the tender, crafting a narrative that’s as much about finding oneself as it is about finding love.

As part of the “Rough & Ready Country” series, this book stands strong on its own while also weaving in threads that connect it to the larger tapestry of the series. New readers will find it accessible and engaging, while fans of the series will appreciate the deeper dive into characters they’ve come to know and love.

“Love at First Rescue” is a captivating blend of romance, suspense, and heartfelt drama. It’s a testament to Eaves’s ability to craft multidimensional characters and immersive settings that readers will eagerly turn the pages, rooting for Cricket and Christian’s happily ever after. This book is a must-read for fans of steamy, small-town romances with a dose of action and a whole lot of heart.

Love at First Rescue

This small-town sheriff won’t break the rules … until his curvy employee changes up the game!

If working for my high school crush makes me a masochist, I’m guilty as charged. Rough & Ready Country’s star football-player-turned-sheriff has held me under his sway for years. But while I drool, he barely notices I exist. Until I blindside him with a career jump, creating much-needed space he’s reluctant to give. When my new job title lands me in hot water, my former boss rides to the rescue. Now, I’ve got his full attention. But is it too late?

Cricket has been a constant in my life for as long as I can remember. The curvy dispatcher tests my professionalism in ways I’m not ready to admit. As much as I yearn to claim her, my past won’t allow it … I’m convinced she can do better than me until I get a wakeup call I can’t ignore. And when fate threatens to take her from me? I ride through hell and back to save her. I’ll kill the man who lays a hand on her, though I know I’ll never be able to follow my own rule.

Devour this steamy, small-town romance about a sheriff who won’t break the rules, the curvy employee who refuses to settle for less, and what happens when long-buried passions spontaneously combust. Part of the Rough & Ready Country series, each book is a standalone.