Mafia Darling

Mafia Darling

Mafia Darling

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“Mafia Darling,” the second installment in Mila Finelli’s Kings of Italy series, takes readers on a whirlwind journey of raw passion, betrayal, and power plays. As the story unfolds, readers are thrust deeper into the treacherous world of the Italian mafia, where loyalty can be the difference between life and death, and love is often a dangerous game.

Fausto, the unyielding mafia kingpin, returns with his dark and brooding demeanor. This time around, we see more layers to his character—his vulnerability, the depth of his feelings for Francesca, and the lengths he will go to protect what he deems his. Finelli paints a portrait of a man who, despite his power and control, is haunted by his own insecurities and demons. His internal conflict—of trying to reconcile his love for Francesca with the perceived betrayal—is palpable and makes for a riveting read.


Francesca, having undergone significant character development from the first book, emerges stronger and more resilient. Her encounter with Fausto’s rival not only tests her mettle but also reshapes her relationship with Fausto. She is no longer the woman who would bend easily to his will. Her transformation from a captive to a defiant challenger adds a refreshing dynamic to the narrative. Her journey is one of self-discovery, empowerment, and standing up against the oppressive forces that seek to control her.

The tension between Fausto and Francesca is the beating heart of the story. Their tumultuous relationship, marked by moments of intense passion and bitter confrontations, showcases the fine line between love and hate. The stakes are higher, the emotions rawer, and the romance more intoxicating than ever.

Finelli’s writing remains sharp and evocative. She excels in crafting scenes that are intense, vivid, and visceral. The pacing is well-measured, with the narrative unfolding with a blend of suspense, romance, and high-octane action. The intricate power dynamics, combined with unexpected twists, ensure that readers are hooked from start to finish.

However, it’s essential to note that “Mafia Darling,” like its predecessor, is steeped in dark themes. The story explores the psychological impact of captivity, betrayal, and power struggles, which might not resonate with all readers.

“Mafia Darling” solidifies Mila Finelli’s prowess in penning dark, compelling mafia romances. The book offers a perfect mix of passion, drama, and suspense, making it an unforgettable read. With the stage set for even more explosive confrontations, fans of the series will undoubtedly be clamoring for the next installment.

Please note, this book is the second part, it’s not a standalone. You’ll want to make sure you read part one, Mafia Mistress, first, or you’ll have no idea what is going on.

Mafia Darling


In my world, loyalty is everything. I shouldn’t have let her get close. I shouldn’t have let her get under my skin.

But that doesn’t mean I’ll let another take her from me. He’ll pay with his life, because nothing will keep me from reclaiming what I lost.

Francesca is mine and I’m keeping her.


I found a dangerous man who makes me burn with need, a man I can’t live without . . .until he accused me of betrayal and sent me away.

Then I was kidnapped by his rival. Fausto thinks he can rescue me and have me begging at his feet once more. But I’m done begging.

This time, it will be the king who breaks.