Map Of Sorrows

Map Of Sorrows

Map Of Sorrows

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Stephanie Hudson weaves another enthralling tapestry of dark fantasy, suspense, and burning romance in her fifth installment of the Transfusion series, “Map Of Sorrows.” Readers re-encounter the fiery and resilient protagonist, Amelia, whose life is marked by constant supernatural escapades, riveting conflict, and a dangerous yet intoxicating romance with the Vampire King, Lucius.

The novel kicks off with a supposedly simple plane ride, a journey meant to bring Amelia home. However, fate, with its twisted sense of humor, transforms the trip into an unexpected adventure, with Amelia surprisingly taking control of the plane. Hudson’s storytelling excels in these moments, presenting scenarios that are absurd yet fitting perfectly within the narrative’s framework.


Amelia’s challenges don’t end with the tumultuous plane ride. As she navigates through her new reality, she finds herself concealing her romantic entanglement with Lucius, her father’s long-standing adversary. Amelia’s life is a secret-laden, thrilling maze as she grapples with Lucius’ intense and often overbearing affection, old family vendettas, ancient curses, and the enigmatic presence of a witch and an ex-flame. Each page turns with anticipation and allure, engaging readers in the intricate dance of love and danger.

Lucius, the Vampire King, continues to be an enthralling character, exuding magnetic charm and a dangerous aura that makes him irresistible. His interactions with Amelia are charged with tension and passion as he veers between possessiveness and an earnest desire to protect her from the looming shadows of the supernatural world. Hudson does a splendid job of capturing the complexities of their relationship, balancing the thin line between love and obsession, care and control.

“Map Of Sorrows” is a compelling read that plunges deeper into the mystical and dangerous realm Hudson has meticulously crafted over the series. As Amelia tries to weave through her tumultuous love life and the impending supernatural threats, readers are treated to a novel that is rich in action, mystery, and romance. Each character, scene, and dialogue is penned with precision, creating a narrative that is as smooth as it is thrilling.

For fans of the Transfusion series, this book is a continuation of a beloved saga, offering more of the delightful concoction of danger and romance that they have come to expect. And for new readers, “Map Of Sorrows” provides a tantalizing glimpse into a world where love is as perilous as the creatures that inhabit it, beckoning them to explore further. In the end, Stephanie Hudson delivers yet again, gifting readers with a tale that is hard to put down and impossible to forget.

Map Of Sorrows

It all started with a plane ride.
Just a simple plane ride home… that’s what they said.
One that wasn’t supposed to end with me flying the damn thing!
But then going home wasn’t supposed to be a bad thing
either…well, that was if going home didn’t also meaning trying to hide
my new, secret boyfriend.
Someone who just so happened to be my father’s old enemy.
Should be easy right?
Well, Lucius had other ideas, ones that included sneaking into my
room, reading my diary, feeling me up and getting my panties in a twist
about pretty much everything…literally.

So, throw in an ancient vendetta, a curse, a witch, an old flame and
a hot Vampire King trying to get in your pants at your father’s table and
what you had was a recipe for only one thing…
A world of hurt and a Map of Sorrows.