Mistletoe Detour

Mistletoe Detour

Mistletoe Detour

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Parker delivers another delightful read in “Mistletoe Detour.” Blaze and Trisha’s chemistry crackles from the beginning, creating a captivating dynamic throughout the story. Their witty exchanges and intellectual conversations add depth to their characters while keeping readers entertained.

Trisha and Blaze’s journey starts with an unexpected twist at an airport car rental desk, setting the stage for an unforgettable cross-country adventure. Despite their different starting points and destinations, fate conspires to bring them together, establishing travel rules for their shared journey. As they navigate the open road towards their respective family events, they learn that no amount of planning can prepare them for the unpredictable nature of weather and detours. Perhaps this serendipitous trip was destined from the start.


The Christmas setting adds warmth and charm to the tale, with festive decorations, hot cocoa, and cozy moments around a fireplace. The author expertly balances the holiday cheer with the realities of being stranded during a harsh winter storm, making the characters’ triumphs all the sweeter.

One of the strengths of this series lies in its ability to create engaging side characters who enhance the main plot rather than overshadow it. From Trisha’s eccentric friends and family back home to various fellow travelers along their route, each character brings their unique flair and humor to the narrative.

However, the story’s pacing may sometimes feel somewhat slow, particularly towards the middle. While the build-up to the climax adds anticipation, some readers might wish for a slightly faster pace to match the intensity of Blaze and Trisha’s growing attraction.

Engaging, humorous, and filled with warmth, this story is a testament to the unexpected turns life can take. Crafted with care, it invites readers to take a break and immerse themselves in a tale of discovery and connection.

“Mistletoe Detour” is a heartwarming, laugh-out-loud holiday romance perfect for fans of the Scottish Billionaires series and those new to the world of M. S. Parker. With well-developed characters, engaging dialogue, and a charming romantic premise, readers will eagerly turn pages waiting to see if Blaze and Trisha can overcome their pasts and find love under the mistletoe. Although this is book 12 of 13 in the series, it can stand alone as a satisfying standalone novel, leaving readers ready and excited for the grand finale.

Mistletoe Detour

"Mistletoe Detour," the latest entry in the Scottish Billionaire series by M. S. Parker, sends readers off on a hilarious, heartwarming holiday road trip. Blaze Gracen, a renowned Johns Hopkins professor, gears up for a festive family shindig in sunny San Ramon. However, Mother Nature has other ideas, and a surprise winter storm leaves his flight stranded in not-so-tropical Chicago.

Enter Trisha Easton, a quick-witted New Yorker with a suitcase full of sass and a knack for turning lemons into spiked lemonade. Also stranded in Chicago, she opts for a daring, map-defying drive across the country to San Francisco – because who needs a flight when you've got audacity and a playlist of classic road trip tunes? Their paths cross at a car rental counter more crowded than a Black Friday sale, leading to a spontaneous decision to travel together. Vowing to keep their pasts as hidden as their luggage in the trunk, they embark on a road trip filled with gut-busting banter and an undeniable sizzle that would thaw even the frostiest winter road.

But as they zigzag through snowy landscapes and quaint towns, Blaze and Trisha's laid-back "let's just be road trip buddies" agreement faces more challenges than a high school final. This latest installment in the Scottish Billionaire series isn't just a story of unexpected romance but a holiday escapade with the possibility of lasting love. Will their journey end with a simple 'thank you for the memories,' or will the mistletoe work its festive magic?