Model Billionaire

Model Billionaire

Model Billionaire

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Sophia March’s “Model Billionaire” offers a tantalizing blend of glamour, power, and danger. As the third installment in the Mafia Billionaires series, the narrative successfully intertwines the intricacies of the fashion world with the thrilling elements of the mafia universe, crafting a tale that’s as suspenseful as it is seductive.

With her blend of fierce determination and vulnerability, the protagonist stands out as one of March’s most intriguing creations to date. A Bratva-trained assassin on a mission of vengeance, her character arc is rich, multi-faceted, and deeply personal. Readers are given a front-row seat to her internal conflicts as she grapples with her obligations and the unexpected allure of the world she infiltrates.


Romeo San Giovanni is an anomaly in the world of mafia romance. Eschewing his birthright of power for the allure of the runway, he challenges stereotypes at every turn. Their dynamic, with her being the deadly force and him the softer, passionate soul, flips the traditional gender norms in a refreshing and compelling manner.

The allure of the runway as the backdrop provides a dazzling contrast to the darker machinations of the mafia world. March masterfully juxtaposes fashion’s glitz and glam with organized crime’s gritty realities. It’s a setting where trust is a rare commodity, and every glance, every touch could be a mask for deeper intentions.

The chemistry between the leads is palpable, making their struggle to resist one another all the more engaging. Their interactions are charged with an electricity that’s impossible to ignore. As they dance around their mutual attraction, their shared secrets add layers of complexity to their relationship, ensuring that readers remain hooked.

“Model Billionaire” is more than just a romance. It’s a tale of power struggles, personal discovery, and the lengths one would go to for vengeance and redemption. March’s prose is as sharp and captivating as her characters, drawing readers in and refusing to let go. The plot twists are well-timed, ensuring that the momentum never wanes.

“Model Billionaire” is a shining jewel in the Mafia Billionaires series. March succeeds in crafting a story that’s both tender and thrilling. Whether you’re seeking romance with depth, a suspenseful narrative, or simply a well-written tale that evokes a myriad of emotions, this book delivers on all fronts. It’s a testament to March’s storytelling prowess, proving once again why she’s a force to be reckoned with in the genre.

Model Billionaire

My goal? Power—and to find out who killed my brother. Love? That doesn’t factor into any of it. Trained all my life as an assassin for the Bratva, I know my worth. I’m beautiful and deadly, and I know exactly how I plan to use that—hunting down who killed my brother Koa. I don’t care what it takes—or who I have to use to get there. Until I meet him. Handsome and seductive, Romeo San Giovanni rejects all the power he was born with, power I desperately want. His only desire is to make it as a runway model—the same cover I’m using for my latest mission. Sparks fly between us on the runway and off, but I can’t afford to lose my head—or my heart. I have a job to do. Even if this model billionaire makes me wonder if the life I was born into is the life I was meant to have—I can’t back down. And when I find out he has secrets, too, I know I was right to guard my heart. Some people are fools for love. I won’t be one of them.