Off Limits

Off Limits

Off Limits

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“Off Limits” marks the captivating beginning of “The Scottish Billionaires” series by M.S. Parker, introducing readers to a world of luxury, ambition, and unexpected romance. This narrative sets the stage for a series that promises depth, passion, and complex character dynamics, making it an enticing read for fans of contemporary romance.

This book was an absolute delight to read! Alec, Lumen, and Evanne are characters whose stories I’m eager to follow. Both Alec and Lumen come from complex family backgrounds that add so much depth to their characters. Alec’s journey through the loss of his mother, adapting to a new country with a new family dynamic, and eventually building a blended family of his own speaks volumes about his resilience and capacity for love. Lumen, with her upbringing in foster care, brings her own set of challenges and strengths to their relationship, making their connection even more special.


The story revolves around Alec McCrae, a CEO in his thirties who values the predictability and control he has over his life. His existence, defined by the responsibilities of running a family company, undergoes a seismic shift upon meeting Lumen Browne, a resilient woman whose life story is as compelling as it is challenging. Having grown up in foster care, Lumen is fiercely independent, with a clear focus on her goals and a deliberate avoidance of distractions, especially those involving men and romantic entanglements.

Their encounter is as unconventional as it is fateful. Alec’s mistaken belief about the nature of the spa where Lumen works as a masseuse leads to a series of events that intertwine their lives in unexpected ways. This initial misunderstanding serves as the perfect metaphor for the series of assumptions and societal barriers that Alec and Lumen must navigate to explore the potential of their connection.

M.S. Parker crafts characters that are not just figures in a romantic narrative but are deeply fleshed out, with their vulnerabilities, strengths, and complexities laid bare. Alec, with his controlled exterior and hidden depths, and Lumen, with her resilience and cautious heart, are characters that resonate with realism and relatability.

Evanne’s situation, having been lovingly raised by her mother for eight years before being left with Alec, introduces an element of vulnerability and the need for love that Lumen can deeply empathize with. The prospect of these three forming their own unique family unit is heartwarming and promises an enriching continuation of their story.

I’m genuinely excited to see how their relationships develop further. The foundation laid for their family is beautiful, and the potential for growth and deeper connections in future stories is immense. This book not only entertained me but also touched my heart, and I’m looking forward to diving into more stories from this series.

The setting of rainy Seattle adds to the ambiance, creating a backdrop that is atmospheric and symbolic of the characters’ challenges and growth. The city, with its blend of urban sophistication and natural beauty, mirrors the complexity of Alec and Lumen’s evolving relationship.

“Off Limits” is more than just a romance; it is a story about breaking barriers, challenging societal expectations, and the transformative power of love. As the first book in “The Scottish Billionaires” series, it sets a high bar for character development and storytelling. The narrative not only teases the potential for individual growth and healing but also lays the groundwork for an overarching series narrative that promises to delve into themes of family, loyalty, and the pursuit of happiness against the odds.

For readers who love a blend of passion, drama, and heartfelt moments, “Off Limits” is a compelling start to what promises to be a deeply engaging series. M.S. Parker has created a world that invites readers to dive in, get lost, and root for love that defies the odds.

Off Limits

Alec: I’m in my thirties and life is…well not boring, but uneventful, despite being the CEO of the family company. And that’s just how I like it to be. Then, I meet Lumen, a woman who challenges everything in such an irresistible way.

Lumen: Growing up in foster care wasn’t the nightmare for me as it was for some, but life has never been easy. I focus on my goals and I’m never distracted by men or relationships. Until one rainy Seattle night when a gorgeous hunk walked into the spa where I work.

When Alec mistakes a young woman’s workplace for a “happy ending” massage parlor, things get more complicated than he prefers. Especially when their lives become entwined in ways never imagined.

Meet Lumen Browne and multi-billionaire CEO, Alec McCrae. They are an unlikely couple, and as they struggle to fit into each other’s lives, Alec and Lumen must decide if they’ll fight for love…or walk away.