Playboy Billionaire

Playboy Billionaire

Playboy Billionaire

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Sophia March proves once again that she has a masterful touch with the world of mafia romance in the second installation of the Mafia Billionaires series, “Playboy Billionaire.” This time, the focus is on the notorious Antonio San Giovanni, a character who effortlessly combines irresistible charm with the unpredictable edge of the mafia world.

One of the book’s major strengths is its ability to juxtapose its characters’ public facades with their private desires and fears. The whole “pretend relationship” trope has been done before, but March approaches it with fresh eyes and invigorating energy. The constraints the characters set for themselves — the public affection versus the private boundaries — provide a tension-filled backdrop that will have readers eagerly turning the pages.


Antonio is a brilliant example of a layered character. On the surface, he fits the quintessential playboy mold: devilishly handsome, flirty, and carefree. But as layers are peeled back, readers are treated to a man with depth, vulnerabilities, and a heart that’s bigger than his reputation would suggest. It’s this evolution and character development that makes “Playboy Billionaire” stand out.

The female protagonist’s fierce independence and determination to pave her own path in a world laden with traditions and expectations is both commendable and relatable. March doesn’t paint her as just another damsel. She’s strong, witty, and her interactions with Antonio brim with sizzling chemistry, making their relationship development genuinely organic and believable.

The added layer of external danger, with the involvement of the rogue FBI agent, provides another dimension to the story. It’s not just about two people figuring out their feelings; it’s about navigating those emotions in a world where danger lurks around every corner.

March’s narrative style is captivating. She weaves a tale that’s rich in emotion, with dialogue that feels authentic and moments that range from heart-stopping suspense to heartwarming romance. The pacing is spot-on, with a balance between the romance’s slow burn and the more action-packed sequences related to the mafia’s world.

“Playboy Billionaire” is a stellar continuation of the Mafia Billionaires series. It offers a delectable blend of romance, suspense, and character growth. Sophia March ensures that readers will be both satisfied with the journey of Antonio and his leading lady, and eagerly anticipating the next tale in this riveting series. Whether you’re a seasoned fan of mafia romances or new to the genre, this book is a must-read.

Playboy Billionaire

I don’t need a husband. But my family feels differently—

Antonio San Giovanni is no one’s husband material. A sexy-as-sin playboy with as little interest in marriage as me, he’s nevertheless the husband that’s been picked for me by my family, eager to claw their way back up to our former status.

Fortunately, Antonio and I are in perfect agreement on what to do. We’ll pretend to date, until I can convince my family that there’s a better way to do this. The rules? In public, we’re LA’s new golden couple, but in private? No kissing, no touching, and definitely nothing—more.

Unfortunately, that’s easier said than done. Anthony is gorgeous, charismatic, and our chemistry is off the charts. And when a rogue FBI agent and encroaching danger forces us into closer proximity than ever? I might not be as immune to Anthony’s charms as I thought.

I said I didn’t want to fall in love. But this playboy billionaire might just be the one to win my heart.