Rival Desires

Rival Desires

Rival Desires

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“Rival Desires” marks a thrilling conclusion to M.S. Parker’s Scottish Billionaires series, blending the high stakes of finance with the intoxicating allure of forbidden romance. In this final installment, readers are introduced to Cory McCrae, a socially awkward yet undeniably charming finance expert who finds himself at odds with Rylee Palmer, a brilliant and ambitious rival. Their initial encounter at a masquerade ball sets the stage for an electrifying narrative rich with mystery, desire, and a fierce competitive edge.

Cory, co-owner of the reputable Gracen & McCrae, is no stranger to the pressures and demands of Silicon Valley’s financial scene. However, Rylee, the enigmatic force behind Palmer Money Management, quickly emerges as his most formidable opponent yet. The intense rivalry that ensues is complicated by an undeniable attraction, challenging both Cory and Rylee to navigate their professional ambitions alongside their burgeoning passion.


As their competitive endeavors escalate, so does their relationship’s complexity. Cory’s struggle to maintain his client base is paralleled by his deepening feelings for Rylee, whose own ambitions for her company are matched by the confusing emotions she harbors towards him. The narrative expertly intertwines the thrill of competition with the heat of romance, creating a tension-filled story that keeps readers on the edge of their seats.

However, “Rival Desires” is far more than a straightforward love story. A scandalous revelation threatens to unravel everything Cory and Rylee have built, both professionally and personally. Accusations and secrets force them into a precarious dance of power, jealousy, and intense emotion, transforming their rivalry into something far more dangerous and irresistible.

Cory has always been content to stay in the shadows, preferring the quiet diligence of behind-the-scenes work to the spotlight. His role as his firm’s reliable yet introverted backbone has suited him well, especially with a partner like Fury to handle the charm and social grace required in their line of work. The thought of stepping into a more visible role ties his stomach in knots, making him question how he ever agreed to this.

On the other hand, Rylee built her company from the ground up with grit and an unwavering commitment to exceeding client expectations. Despite her father’s skepticism, she’s proven her business acumen and enjoys a rare evening of relaxation. That’s when she spots him – a captivating man, she fears he might be an illusion.

Their story unfolds with an intensity that keeps you glued to the page, culminating in a twist that will leave you reeling. This book is a journey not to be overlooked, offering a rewarding experience for those who dive in.

M.S. Parker’s storytelling prowess shines in “Rival Desires,” delivering a narrative that is as unpredictable as it is steamy. The novel masterfully captures the essence of desire, not just in the realm of romance but also in the pursuit of success and recognition. Cory and Rylee’s journey is a testament to the power of passion, both in love and life, making “Rival Desires” a fitting and unforgettable finale to the Scottish Billionaires series.

Rival Desires

Write a detailed book review for "Rival Desires" written by M.S. Parker. This is book 13 of 13 in The Scottish Billionaires series. Cory McCrae, a charming hunk yet socially awkward finance guru, clashes with Rylee Palmer, a brilliant rival. This sparks an intense, steamy romance amid fierce rivalry and a scandal threatening their passionate connection. Meet Cory McCrae: charming, socially awkward, and co-owner of the established Palo Alto finance firm Gracen & McCrae. Enter Rylee Palmer, the brilliant, enigmatic head of the new game-changer in town, Palmer Money Management. Their paths cross at a masquerade ball, igniting an instant spark and off-the-charts chemistry. Yet beneath their masks of anonymity lies a brewing rivalry that threatens to turn any potential romance dead on arrival. As the competition intensifies, Cory battles to retain his clients while wrestling with a baffling, all-consuming desire for the very woman who stands as his most formidable business adversary. Simultaneously, Rylee navigates the complexities of expanding her company, dealing with her intensely fiery yet perplexing feelings for Cory. But just when you think you've unraveled this love story, a scandalous twist strikes. Accusations fly, deep-seated secrets come undone, and Cory and Rylee find themselves in a web of domination, jealous schemes, and a romance as unpredictable as it is steamy. "Rival Desires," M. S. Parker’s latest novel in the Scottish Billionaires series, is a steamy tale of desire where the biggest deals are sealed––not only in the boardroom––but also in the bedroom.