Sun Touched

Sun Touched

Sun Touched

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“Sun Touched,” the final installment in Becky Moynihan’s “A Touch of Vampire” series, offers readers a thrilling blend of romance, mystery, and paranormal intrigue. This book introduces a new layer to the series, focusing on Isla, a vampire turned private investigator, and her complex relationship with her sire, Kade Carmichael. Their tumultuous past and undeniable chemistry set the stage for a story that explores themes of trust, redemption, and the power of love against a backdrop of supernatural danger.

From the outset, Isla’s character captivates the reader. Her transformation from a human to a vampire has forced her to reshape her life around the nocturnal and dangerous world of the supernatural. Her career as a private investigator allows her to maintain a semblance of her former self, but the sudden reappearance of Kade threatens to upheave her carefully constructed existence. Kade, with his enigmatic charm and unresolved history with Isla, adds a layer of complexity to the narrative, challenging Isla’s resolve and reawakening old feelings.


The homicide case that becomes the central plot of “Sun Touched” is not just a simple investigation; it’s a catalyst that forces Isla and Kade to confront their past and the unresolved tension between them. As they navigate the intricacies of the case, they must also navigate their complicated relationship, balancing their professional duties with the personal history that both binds and separates them.

Moynihan skillfully weaves a suspenseful narrative that keeps readers guessing at every turn. The introduction of a mysterious stalker intent on framing Isla for murder raises the stakes, transforming the investigation into a race against time to clear her name and catch the real killer. This element of danger and suspense serves to bring Isla and Kade closer, compelling them to rely on each other in ways they hadn’t anticipated.

What sets “Sun Touched” apart is Moynihan’s ability to craft a deeply emotional and character-driven story within the framework of a paranormal romance. The book delves into the complexities of Isla’s and Kade’s characters, exploring their fears, desires, and the scars left by their shared history. The forced proximity and enemies-to-lovers tropes are utilized to great effect, creating a simmering tension that evolves into a compelling second-chance romance.

As a continuation of the “A Touch of Vampire” world, “Sun Touched” enriches the series’ lore and provides a satisfying conclusion to the overarching narrative. It stands as a testament to Moynihan’s talent for blending heart-pounding romance with gripping supernatural elements. Fans of the series will be delighted by the return of familiar characters and the introduction of new ones, all of whom contribute to the rich tapestry of this paranormal universe.

This book captured my heart completely. Isla stands out as an exceptional character, and witnessing her evolution throughout the story was a delight. Kade, with his dreamy charm and unwavering support, complements her perfectly. My only gripe is that it concluded too swiftly; I yearned for a more extended glimpse into their lives beyond the chaos, particularly after the dust had settled.

The plot weaves a captivating tapestry of suspense and unexpected twists, keeping you on the edge of your seat from start to finish. However, the ending left me craving more closure for Isla, a sentiment that heightens my anticipation for Noah’s and Everett’s tales. This series is too mesmerizing to conclude just yet.

Engrossing from the first page to the last, this series brought a range of emotions – from joy to concern, always leaving me eager for more. It comes highly recommended for its compelling characters and the immersive journey it promises. You’ll find yourself deeply invested in their fates, longing to see how everything unfolds.

“Sun Touched” is a standout addition to the “A Touch of Vampire” series, offering readers a perfect mix of romance, mystery, and paranormal adventure. Becky Moynihan’s storytelling prowess is on full display, delivering a story that is as emotionally resonant as it is thrilling. For fans of paranormal romance seeking a story with depth, suspense, and a heart-melting romance, “Sun Touched” is a must-read.

Sun Touched

A little sun never hurt anyone . . . unless you’re me. Ever since I was turned into a vampire, my private investigator job has been my life. Then my sire, Kade Carmichael, crashes back into it. I try to shake him, but he has other plans.

When I’m asked to investigate a homicide case, Kade manages to make himself my partner. The more time I’m forced to spend with him, the harder it is to deny feelings I thought were long buried.

To make matters worse, a mysterious stalker is obsessed with exposing me as the murderer. Soon, not only is my career at stake, my very life is.

Kade might be the only one who can help me, but that means letting him in. And losing my life doesn’t scare me nearly as bad as risking my heart.

SUN TOUCHED is a standalone enemies-to-lovers, forced proximity, second chance romance told from Isla and Kade’s point-of-view, and a continuation of the A Touch of Vampire world intended to be read after Fate Touched.