Taken by the Mafia Boss

Taken by the Mafia Boss

Taken by the Mafia Boss

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“Taken by the Mafia Boss” by Maria Frost plunges readers into the depths of an age-gap romance intertwined with the dangerous allure of the mafia world. This first installment in “The Forced Marriage Mafia Bosses” series introduces us to a riveting narrative that balances the fine line between dark desire and the quest for genuine connection.

“Taken by the Mafia Boss” unfolds a tale of forbidden desires, power, and protection in an age-gap, forced marriage scenario. Alessandro, a formidable mafia Don since the age of 18, following his father’s murder, finds an obsessive fascination with young Emily, a 19-year-old with a tragic past of her own. Bereft of her parents due to drug overdoses, Emily seeks solace in her mundane life, unaware of the dark, captivating gaze of Alessandro from afar. Their paths intertwine fatefully when Emily, after losing her job at a wine store, unwittingly steps into Alessandro’s orchestrated plan by applying for a job at his real estate company.


The narrative takes a swift, dangerous turn when Alessandro’s refusal of a marriage proposal from the Russian Bratva leader’s daughter invites peril onto him and, inadvertently, Emily. Forced into a hasty marriage for Emily’s protection, they find themselves bound by vows amidst the looming shadow of the Russian mafia’s vengeance.

As they navigate this precarious union, questions linger—can a marriage born from obsession and necessity withstand the lethal pressures of mafia rivalries? Will Emily and Alessandro’s relationship blossom into genuine affection and understanding, or will it crumble under the weight of their circumstances? “Taken by the Mafia Boss” is a riveting exploration of love’s power to emerge in the most unexpected of places, promising a journey filled with danger, passion, and the quest for a shared future amidst the chaos.

The story centers around a young woman who discovers that her billionaire boss, a man who has starred in her most intense fantasies, is not only a mafia kingpin but also her stalker. The revelation comes at a time of dire need, as he steps in to save her life, only to ensnare her in a new predicament. Her freedom for his protection—a protection that is as suffocating as it is seductive, as it demands her complete submission through marriage and the surrender of her innocence.

Maria Frost crafts a world where power dynamics and passionate obsession blur ethical boundaries. The narrative thrives on the intensity of an over-the-top (OTT) alpha male protagonist whose possessiveness knows no bounds. His character is a complex blend of ruthlessness and deep, albeit twisted, affection for the protagonist. This juxtaposition lays the groundwork for a relationship built on control, desire, and an unspoken yearning for something beyond the physical.

The female protagonist finds herself torn between fear and fascination. Her journey from a sweet, innocent temp to a captive in the gilded cage of a mafia boss is depicted with an engaging mix of vulnerability and emerging strength. As she navigates her new reality, the readers are taken on an emotional rollercoaster, where the lines between captor and captive become increasingly blurred.

“Taken by the Mafia Boss” does not shy away from the darker themes of captivity and forced marriage, yet it is imbued with moments of genuine connection that suggest the possibility of love in the most unlikely circumstances. The narrative is peppered with steamy encounters that underscore the physical attraction between the characters while also hinting at deeper emotional bonds that could transcend their initial transactional relationship.

Maria Frost delivers a titillating and thought-provoking story, inviting readers to question the nature of obsession, the possibility of redemption, and the power of love to transform. The book sets a compelling foundation for the series, promising more tales of forced marriages, mafia intrigue, and the complex interplay between darkness and desire.

“Taken by the Mafia Boss” is a captivating entry into the dark romance genre, offering readers a blend of suspense, steamy romance, and a glimpse into the shadowy world of the mafia. It’s a must-read for fans of the genre looking for a story that combines heart-pounding danger with the promise of an unconventional love story.

Taken by the Mafia Boss

My stalker saved me. Now I’m his captive. My silver fox billionaire boss, the subject of my darkest fantasies, is a mafia kingpin? I found out the shocking truth the day he saved my life. But it turns out his protection comes at a steep price.

Because now I’m his prisoner and he’s demanding two things from me. My V-card. And my hand in marriage. Taken by the Mafia Boss is a whirlwind of age gap instalove romance, where a jealous obsessive OTT stalker kidnaps the sweet innocent temp he’s long wanted to claim for himself…