Teasing Woken

Teasing Woken

Teasing Woken

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“Teasing Woken,” the seventh installment in RK Munin’s engrossing “Hissa Warrior” series, introduces readers to Safena, a woman determined to seize life by the horns, and Woken, a Hissa warrior whose tranquility is put to the test by her spirited endeavors. This sci-fi alien romance novel stands out for its unique blend of adventure, healing, and exploring love beyond conventional boundaries.

The narrative begins with Safena, who, after a lifetime of debilitating pain due to a rare genetic condition, experiences health and vigor thanks to the advanced medical interventions of the Hissa. Safena’s backstory is heart-wrenching; born into an abusive Kaklan community, her life until now has been a series of limitations and suffering. Her transition from a life marked by pain to one of potential and promise is beautifully depicted, highlighting Munin’s skill in character development and emotional depth.


Safena’s refusal to be defined by her past or her biological limitations is a refreshing take on the heroine’s journey. Her zest for life, her insatiable curiosity, and her determination to experience everything the universe has to offer make her a compelling and relatable character. Safena embodies the spirit of adventure, making her a beacon of hope and inspiration for those around her and the reader.

Enter Woken, a Hissa warrior who finds himself inexplicably drawn to Safena. His character provides a fascinating contrast to Safena’s fiery nature. Woken is the embodiment of calm and serenity, which are tested as he tries to keep up with Safena’s indefatigable spirit. The dynamic between Safena and Woken is charged with electric chemistry, their interactions brimming with humor, tenderness, and mutual respect. Woken’s patience, understanding, and Safena’s fearless pursuit of joy make their relationship a heartwarming tale of love transcending physical and societal expectations.

Munin excels in world-building, creating a rich tapestry of cultures and species that enrich the narrative. The Hissa’s willingness to embrace Safena, despite her inability to bear children, speaks volumes about their values and their desperate need for mates. This aspect of the story adds depth to the Hissa society, showcasing the complexity and the challenges they face.

“Teasing Woken” is more than a romance; it’s a story of physical and emotional healing. It tackles themes of self-worth, the definition of family, and what it truly means to live fully. Safena’s journey from a life of pain to one of adventure and love is a testament to the resilience of the human spirit. Her relationship with Woken, filled with warmth and understanding, serves as a reminder that physical limitations or societal expectations do not bind love.

“Teasing Woken” is a captivating addition to the “Hissa Warrior” series, offering readers a blend of adventure, romance, and heartfelt emotion. Munin’s ability to weave complex characters, intricate worlds, and profound themes into her narrative makes this book a must-read for fans of sci-fi romance. Safena and Woken’s story is a beautiful exploration of what happens when two very different beings find common ground in their desire to live and love without limits.

Teasing Woken

Now that Safena’s healed and no longer living a life of pain, she refuses to watch life happen around her. Woken isn't sure his newfound serenity will survive her adventures!

Born with a rare genetic condition, Safena didn’t have a single memory not marked by debilitating pain. Thankfully, her mother was strong enough to run away from an abusive Kaklan community, finding a remote planet to hide herself and her daughters. Instead of being executed because she was an expendable, useless, sick, female child, Safena got to grow up surrounded by her affectionate and caring sisters.

But then she grew into a sick, useless adult. A burden to her family.

But that life is over. The Hissa have taken all her sisters to their homeworld where they’ll be safe to pick Hissa partners and have children. Desperate for mates for their males, the Hissa are willing to pour resources into healing and caring for Safena, even though she’ll never be able to bear them children.

Safena takes her newfound health as a sign to go out and have all the experiences she’d been denied her entire life. No one’s going to stop her from exploring the universe, not even a bossy Hissa who thinks he wants her as a mate. She’s confident Woken will give up on courting her eventually. He has to because she can’t have the children every Hissa male dreams about. But if he insists on sticking by her side, then he'd better be prepared for an adventure because she’s done living a safe, quiet life.

She’s a woman reborn; there are no limits!