The Burning Witch 1

The Burning Witch 1

The Burning Witch 1

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“The Burning Witch 1: A Humorous Romantic Fantasy” introduces readers to the vibrant world of Katarina Ashowan, a fire-aligned witch ill-suited for the refined demands of court life. Born into Daxaria’s esteemed Ashowan family, Kat’s upbringing amidst royalty does little to quell her spirited nature or her affinity for the more tempestuous aspects of witchcraft. Her latest mission, to assist her best friend Alina in ascending to the Troivackian throne, thrusts her into an uncomfortable proximity with Alina’s bothersome brother, Crown Prince Eric of Daxaria. Their initial antagonism slowly gives way to a deeper connection, challenging Kat’s perceptions and stirring unfamiliar emotions.

Delving into the world of the Ashowan family once more, Delemhach’s continuation of The House Witch series offers a unique blend that defies easy classification. Straddling adult fantasy with its rich character development and modern sensibilities, the books are infused with adult language and intense situations, all while maintaining a buoyant sense of humor. Although Delemhach’s narrative choices occasionally prompt a pause for thought, the engaging storytelling and compelling character dynamics keep me returning, often revisiting previous passages for another taste of the vividly crafted world.


Katarina, as the central figure, may not claim the title of my all-time favorite character, yet her journey and the unfolding dynamics with Eric, especially their evolving friendship, captivate me enough to invest in their fates deeply. Despite my typically critical reading lens, Delemhach’s work consistently captures my imagination, cementing her books as enjoyable reads that stand out in a crowded literary landscape.

As Kat navigates the treacherous waters of Troivackian politics, her journey from Daxaria to Troivack alongside Eric is fraught with tension, humor, and a budding romance that neither can deny. The narrative cleverly intertwines the complexities of court intrigue and assassination plots with the development of Kat’s character, from her struggles with protocol to her battles with burgeoning powers that threaten to exceed her control.

Delemhach’s writing shines in its ability to blend elements of fantasy, romance, and humor, creating a world that is as enchanting as it is amusing. Kat’s fiery disposition and her dynamic with Eric provide a refreshing take on the fantasy-romance genre, ensuring that readers are as captivated by their evolving relationship as they are by the political machinations and magical intrigue of the Troivackian court.

“The Burning Witch 1” sets a promising stage for the rest of the trilogy, leaving readers eager for more of Kat’s adventures and the enchanting, chaotic world she inhabits. It’s a must-read for fans of the House Witch series and newcomers alike, offering a perfect blend of laughs, love, and magical mayhem.

The Burning Witch 1

A young woman navigates a web of politics, assassination attempts, and romance in the first book of a new series set in the world of the House Witch trilogy.

Katarina Ashowan was not made for courtly life. Sure, her father is the famous house witch of Daxaria so she was raised among majestic castles, proper manners, and royal expectations. But Kat is also a mutated witch whose power aligns predominantly with fire. She’s more comfortable riding horses or learning to fight than she is making polite conversation and wearing fancy dresses. Which is why her upcoming assignment—serving her best friend, Alina, the soon-to-be crowned Troivackian queen—is anything but ideal.

Even worse, Kat is forced to make the long journey from Daxaria to Troivack with Alina’s extremely irksome brother, Eric, the crown prince of Daxaria. Kat and the formerly missing prince are constantly at each other’s throats—until, that is, they begin to form an unexpected kinship . . . with perhaps something more flickering beneath the surface. Now Kat must contend with the strictures of Troivackian court, mysterious assassination attempts, and her unsettling new feelings for Eric, all as her fiery powers are becoming harder and harder to control.

In this fast-paced, humorous, and romantic start to the Burning Witchtrilogy, the same charming magical mayhem that wooed readers of the House Witch series gets a brightly burning new star in Katarina Ashowan.