The Burning Witch 2

The Burning Witch 2

The Burning Witch 2

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“The Burning Witch 2: A Humorous Romantic Fantasy” by Delemhach takes readers deeper into the enchanting and perilous world first introduced in the series opener. This sequel continues to follow the spirited Lady Katarina Ashowan, a fire witch whose thirst for adventure and disdain for courtly conventions set her apart from her noble peers. As her best friend Alina’s coronation as queen of Troivack approaches, Kat is torn between her duties as a lady of the court and her yearning for a life filled with swordplay and freedom.

Delemhach masterfully balances the elements of fantasy, romance, and humor, creating a narrative that is both captivating and delightfully entertaining. Kat’s struggles with her increasingly unpredictable magical abilities and her complex relationship with Eric, the crown prince of Daxaria, add layers of depth to the story, intertwining personal growth with the political intrigue surrounding Alina’s ascension to the throne.


The sequel shines in its exploration of Kat’s character development. Her journey from a fiery, somewhat reckless young witch to a more measured and skilled individual is fraught with challenges, not least of which is her unbidden attraction to Eric. Their relationship evolves in a manner that is both organic and fraught with tension, providing a compelling romantic subplot that never overshadows the main narrative thrust.

The introduction of new magical adversaries and the deepening mystery of who wishes to thwart Alina’s reign add a sense of urgency and danger to the story, making “The Burning Witch 2” a more action-packed and suspenseful read than its predecessor. The witty wordplay and humorous situations that fans loved in the first book are present in full force, alongside heart-pounding duels and enchanted encounters that showcase Delemhach’s creativity and understanding of the fantasy genre.

Diving into this book on release day, I found myself ensnared by Delemhach’s enchanting world, staying up way past my bedtime to devour page after page. There’s something special about their storytelling—vivid characters that evolve before your eyes, ingeniously plotted twists, all peppered with a generous helping of humor. Having discovered Delemhach just seven months ago, I’ve eagerly consumed their entire bibliography and am already anticipating their next work.

While my overall sentiment for this book is overwhelmingly positive, a few niggles persist. Kat’s magical abilities remain somewhat nebulous, lacking the clarity and depth Fin’s powers had in The House Witch from the get-go. The specifics of her abilities, her control over them, it all still feels like guesswork. Additionally, Kat, Eric, Alina, and Brendan don’t quite capture my affection as deeply as the characters from The House Witch did. This series, though rich in adventure, doesn’t quite emulate the warmth and depth of its predecessor. Yet, the conclusion of this installment was thoroughly satisfying, compelling me to revisit my favorite parts in anticipation of what’s next in this magical saga.

“The Burning Witch 2” is a stellar continuation of Katarina Ashowan’s story, offering readers a blend of romance, magic, and adventure that is both satisfying and compelling. With its humorous dialogue, well-crafted characters, and thrilling plot, this book solidifies the Burning Witch series as a must-read for fans of romantic fantasy. As the story unfolds, readers will find themselves eagerly anticipating the final installment, curious to see how Kat’s journey will conclude and what fate has in store for the unforgettable characters they’ve come to love.

The Burning Witch 2

A fiery young witch contends with magical adversaries, courtly fights, and unexpected attractions in this romantasy set in the world of the House Witch.

Lady Katarina Ashowan has never quite fit the mold of a noblewoman—and it’s not only because she’s a mutated fire witch. Though she’s the closest friend and confidant of Alina, the soon-to-be-coronated queen of Troivack, Kat would much rather play cards with questionable characters or steal out at night to go riding than bandy niceties with suitors and deal with affairs of state. So as soon as Alina is officially crowned, the young witch plans to put away her dresses and get into some real adventure, training with a master swordsman.

But her journey to knightly prowess is proving more complicated than she thought it would be. For one thing, her future teacher isn’t exactly thrilled at the prospect of their arrangement. Worse, unknown adversaries seem determined to stop Alina from actually assuming the throne. Kat’s magical abilities, meanwhile, keep growing and changing in unpredictable and potentially dangerous ways. And despite her best efforts, she still can’t manage to suppress her attraction to Alina’s brother, Eric, the crown prince of Daxaria . . .

Filled with heart-pounding duels and enchanted encounters, witty wordplay and swoon-worthy flirtations, The Burning Witch 2 is the humorous, page-turning continuation of a charming series set in the unforgettable universe of theHouse Witch.