The Hellbeast’s Hate

The Hellbeast's Hate

The Hellbeast’s Hate

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In “The Hellbeast’s Hate,” the seventh captivating installment in the Hellbeast King series by Stephanie Hudson, readers find themselves on a roller coaster ride through the corridors of time, with destiny and emotion as constant, enthralling companions. With the skillful blending of fated romance and dark, entrancing lore, Hudson delivers a tale that is as complex and mesmerizing as the interplay of shadow and light.

The narrative launches readers alongside the protagonist into the labyrinthine twists of time, guided solely by the pulsing, enigmatic call of the heart. However, the journey is not without its shadows, as misunderstandings and perceived betrayals loom large, casting long, ominous shadows on the path. The HellBeast King, Jared Cerberus, believes himself betrayed, igniting a flame of revenge that illuminates their journey with perilous intensity.


Lost in the currents of time, with vengeance snapping at her heels, the protagonist discovers that not all wounds are meant to heal, and time, with its relentless, unforgiving march, can sometimes deepen the scars instead of soothing them. The HellBeast’s memory is as relentless and unyielding as time itself, and the unfolding narrative reveals the potent, haunting specter of a hate born from pain and misunderstanding.

Hudson navigates the intricate, delicate balance between past and present, love and hate, with the finesse of a true storyteller. The characters dance on the precipice of emotion, teetering between the abyss of anger and the soaring heights of love. Each page is laden with anticipation, and the writing drips with the intoxicating allure of a love that defies time and fate.

The author’s writing style remains consistently engaging and evocative, painting vivid images with words and immersing readers into a world where every glance holds meaning and every heartbeat echoes with the silent songs of destiny. The tension between the characters and the external pressure of their journey through time create a dynamic atmosphere that keeps readers on the edge of their seats.

“The Hellbeast’s Hate” is more than just a tale of dark romance; it’s a meditation on the nature of love, hate, and the indomitable human spirit. Hudson explores the depths of human emotion and the complexities of relationships against a backdrop of time travel and supernatural intrigue. The result is a novel that is as thought-provoking as it is engaging, providing readers with much to ponder long after the final page is turned.

Stephanie Hudson has once again crafted a masterpiece of dark, fated romance with “The Hellbeast’s Hate.” The novel is a tapestry of emotion and adventure woven with threads of love, betrayal, and timeless allure. Readers of the series will undoubtedly find this installment a thrilling, satisfying continuation of a tale that explores the very essence of love and the shadows cast by the flickering flame of hatred. With its unforgettable characters and expertly paced narrative, this book is a shining jewel in the crown of the Hellbeast King series.

The Hellbeast’s Hate

Fate. Destiny. The Gods.
All of it now felt set against me.
As I travelled back through time with nothing to guide me but my heart.
But I was soon to discover that its wasn’t my heart that would betray me.
It was the HellBeast’s heart that thought…
I had betrayed him.
Being lost in time was hard enough.
But being lost in time while being hunted for revenge was even worse.
A revenge that was never mine to receive.
So, as I tumbled through the ages…
I learned an important lesson.
Time doesn’t heal all wounds after all.
No, it just made them deeper.
For a HellBeast King has not forgotten.
And soon I was to discover the true meaning
Of a…
HellBeast’s Hate.