The Magic of Discovery

The Magic of Discovery

The Magic of Discovery

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“The Magic of Discovery” by Britt Andrews marks the enchanting beginning of the Emerald Lakes series, inviting readers into a world where magic intertwines with the mundane in the most delightful ways. Set in the small, seemingly tranquil town of Emerald Lakes, with its modest population of six hundred and eighty-two, the story introduces us to a life that is anything but ordinary, especially for our protagonist, a green witch running her own magic shop.

The narrative captures the essence of small-town life, complete with quirky, loveable townsfolk who form a tight-knit community akin to an extended family. The protagonist’s life is a blend of everyday routines, managing her shop, dealing with an ex who fails to grasp the concept of boundaries, and the humorous antics of her boy-crazed Gran. However, the arrival of four mysterious, attractive mages turns her world upside down, hinting at a destiny far greater than she ever imagined.


Britt Andrews skillfully weaves a tale of magic, mystery, and romance, crafting complex and relatable characters. The chemistry between the protagonist and her new tenants is palpable, setting the stage for a story that explores the depths of magic and the heart in equal measure. Yet, as her powers manifest unexpectedly and a cryptic prophecy looms on the horizon, the story delves into themes of destiny, self-discovery, and the fine line between control and chaos.

The underlying mystery of unnatural events in Emerald Lakes serves as a compelling backdrop to the protagonist’s personal journey. Andrews’ writing balances lighthearted moments and the suspense of unraveling a prophecy, keeping readers engaged and invested in the outcome.

I absolutely adored this series from start to finish! Here’s why it captured my heart (across all five books in the series):

  • The protagonist is a powerhouse of a woman, leading with strength and grace.
  • The characters are deeply developed, showing significant growth and complexity that kept me invested.
  • The narrative kept me on the edge of my seat, making it impossible to put down.
  • The magical elements are diverse and fascinating, adding a rich layer to the world-building. -The plot twists were unexpected, offering surprises that I didn’t see coming.

A few heads-ups for potential readers: This series embraces a reverse harem theme, with a happily ever after that includes multiple love interests. It comes with content warnings for certain triggers and contains a fair share of steamy scenes. However, the romance enhances rather than overwhelms the storyline.

“The Magic of Discovery” is more than just a magic story; it’s about finding one’s place in a larger and more mysterious world than it appears. Andrews’ world-building is intricate and immersive, drawing readers into a setting where magic feels as real and tangible as the town of Emerald Lakes itself.

For paranormal romance and urban fantasy fans, this book promises a series filled with adventure, romance, and a touch of the mystical. Andrews sets a high bar for the rest of the Emerald Lakes series, leaving readers eager for more of this magical world and its captivating inhabitants.

The Magic of Discovery

Growing up in Emerald Lakes, population six hundred and eighty-two, had been safe and comfortable. Running my own magic shop and making a living off my green witchcraft, I have no complaints. Sure, there’s my ex, who never understood the word ‘no’, but there’s also the lovable and eccentric townspeople who feel more like one huge extended family, and let’s not forget my boy-crazed Gran who keeps us all on our toes.

...But something has apparently been missing, and the stars take it upon themselves to correct the problem, dropping four sexy men at my door. Well, not literally. They move into the apartment above my shop, so I’m their landlord. Drawn in by these mages who blew into town on a work assignment, a whole different kind of magic starts to grow between us, but my powers are doing things they shouldn’t, and there’s also a pesky prophecy to unravel.

Strange, unnatural things are brewing in Emerald Lakes, and I can’t ignore the sinking suspicion that something life-changing is headed my way.

Discovering a whole new world of magic, I can only hope I don’t lose myself in the madness.