Tree Of Souls

Tree Of Souls

Tree Of Souls

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In “Tree of Souls,” Stephanie Hudson delivers another heart-pounding installment in the popular Transfusion series. This sixth book seamlessly continues the thrilling saga of Amelia, a young woman entangled in the treacherous, enchanting web of the supernatural, and Lucius, the enigmatic and dangerously alluring Vampire King.

“Tree of Souls” begins with Amelia nursing the wounds from a love once promising but now shattered as she embarks on a perilous adventure filled with mystique and danger. With every step, the story unfolds like a delicate, dark tapestry, presenting a narrative rich with haunting sorrow, unbridled passion, and the timeless battle between love and pain.


Amelia’s journey in this installment is nothing short of a roller-coaster, as she finds herself on the run, bearing the heavy weight of a broken heart and the daunting shadow of a relentless pursuer – Lucius. The Vampire King, with his intoxicating presence, is not merely after her blood; he is on a relentless quest to reclaim her heart, a heart he recklessly shattered.

In the midst of this emotional turmoil, Hudson introduces elements of suspense and mystical allure, weaving through the narrative a Mob boss, iconic movie cars, ethereal dances, and a camping trip that is far from ordinary. Each chapter adds a new layer to the thrilling saga, pushing the boundaries of dark fantasy romance with a deft hand and imaginative mind.

One of the standout elements of “Tree of Souls” is Hudson’s exploration of the deep, often painful truth that binds Amelia and Lucius. The revelation surrounding the Tree of Souls becomes a pivotal point in their story, shedding light on the complex, twisted love that binds them. It’s a truth that is as healing as it is wounding, offering both salvation and damnation in equal measure.

As readers navigate through the pages, they are treated to Hudson’s signature writing style, which masterfully blends humor, suspense, and romance. The characters are meticulously developed, their emotions raw and relatable, making the reader invested in their fates. The chemistry between Amelia and Lucius is electrifying, a dance of fire and ice that keeps fans hooked from start to finish.

For aficionados of dark fantasy and vampire romance, “Tree of Souls” is a delightful yet intense read that promises and delivers adventure, passion, and a tale as old as time itself. Stephanie Hudson once again crafts a novel that is both an escape into the fantastical and a mirror reflecting the eternal quest for love and acceptance, making it a must-read for fans and newcomers alike.

Tree Of Souls


It all started with a kiss that ended in a world of pain. Well, now I was on the run from that pain and my map of sorrows was only leading to one place, To a lover’s resurrection.

But hey, a life on the run shouldn’t be too hard right, just throw in a Mob boss, a few movie cars, a phantom dance and a camping trip and what you had was a recipe for… Oh, who was I kidding!

I was being hunted by a Vampire King and this time, he wasn’t just out for blood, but he was out for something far more dangerous than that… He was out to reclaim my heart. A heart he had broken. And this time, the only way to fix it was with the truth.

The truth about the Tree of Souls.