Venom Of God

Venom Of God

Venom Of God

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In “Venom of God,” Stephanie Hudson delivers a compelling sequel to her Transfusion series, seamlessly blending elements of dark fantasy and intoxicating romance. Our protagonist, Amelia, finds herself ensnared deeper in the magnetic pull of the enigmatic Vampire King, her actions bearing unforeseen consequences that intertwine their fates in ways more complex and dangerous than before.

Amelia, bold and impulsive, allows readers to navigate through a narrative soaked in tension and unpredictability. Her attempt to pilfer from the relentless Vampire King not only sparks his ire but also unveils the simmering obsession he harbors for her. What was seemingly a game of evasion and pursuit morphs into a saga of possession and longing, where boundaries blur, and the stakes escalate with each page turned.


Hudson crafts each character with deliberate care, imbuing them with depth and nuance. The Vampire King is no longer a mere antagonist; he is a storm of dominance and concealed desires, a creature of the night haunted by his cravings and the relentless drive to claim what he believes is his. As he unveils his intentions, readers witness a dance of power and vulnerability, where love is as much a poison as it is an antidote.

As Amelia finds herself a prisoner within invisible walls, the story unravels the intricate tapestry of their relationship, which is woven with threads of passion, fear, and an obsession that mirrors the intoxication of a venomous bite. With each revelation, the novel draws readers into a labyrinth of emotions and supernatural allure, where danger and desire coalesce into a narrative that is as haunting as it is irresistible.

“Venom of God” stands as a testament to Hudson’s ability to weave a tale that captivates the reader’s imagination and heart. The atmosphere is charged, the stakes are high, and the pages simmer with the latent energy of a love that is dangerous and all-consuming. With a storyline that keeps you on the edge and characters that linger in your thoughts long after the book is closed, this sequel is a triumphant continuation of the Transfusion series, promising more thrills and romance in the volumes to come.

Every book in this series has been great, and Venom of God is no exception.

Venom Of God

Amelia…Foresight is a great thing. It would have come in handy. Like when I decided to try and steal from an angry Vampire King. Nope, probably wasn’t one of my better ideas. And now he’s decided he’s done waiting, whatever that means. He tells me I have pushed the limits of his patience for the last seven years and now it is time to claim what is rightfully his. Because now it turns out that I am not the only one with an unhealthy obsession. He just hides his better. Well, he isn’t hiding anymore. And as for me. I am now his prisoner who, unknowingly, just slammed the door to my own cell. And all because I stole from him. Stole the heart of the notorious, Vampire King.