Always Loving You

Always Loving You

Always Loving You

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In the sixth entrancing installment of the Danvers series, “Always Loving You,” Sydney Landon beautifully crafts a tale of love, healing, and the incredible strength that emerges when two souls destined for each other navigate through shadows of the past towards the light of love. This contemporary office romance is not only a captivating love story but also a profound exploration of trauma, trust, and the transformative power of genuine care and connection.

Ava Stone, the novel’s central character, carries the weight of a traumatic past, always looking over her shoulder and enveloped in the chains of fear that originated from a nightmarish incident during her teenage years. This dark secret, concealed by her family to shield her from public scrutiny, remains a barrier that prevents her from fully opening up, except to one steadfast presence in her life—MacKinley Powers.


MacKinley, or Mac, as he is affectionately known, is not only Ava’s brother’s best friend but also her silent protector and the man who harbors deep, unspoken love for her. Serving as the head of security at Danvers International, Mac is constantly in Ava’s proximity, a reality that only amplifies his longing and concern for her. However, the complexities of Ava’s emotional walls and his own feelings compel him to make a heart-wrenching decision to distance himself for the sake of his own sanity.

The novel gracefully unfolds as circumstances push Ava to lean on Mac, the one individual who has consistently been her rock. This reliance opens up avenues for healing, understanding, and the possibility of love blossoming amidst the ruins of past pain. Landon meticulously develops the characters of Ava and Mac, presenting a dance of vulnerability and strength, hesitation and certainty, fear and love.

“Always Loving You” stands out for its sensitive portrayal of trauma and the journey towards healing. Ava’s character resonates with readers for her resilience and her struggle to reclaim her life, making her moments of triumph and self-discovery incredibly moving. Mac, with his undying loyalty and love for Ava, is a compelling character who embodies the essence of a true hero.

Sydney Landon’s writing is eloquent and emotionally charged, with each page weaving a tapestry of emotions that engage the readers from the beginning to the end. The chemistry between Ava and Mac is palpable, and their interactions are a blend of tenderness, intensity, and the simmering possibility of a love that can heal and protect.

“Always Loving You” is a powerful and heartwarming addition to the beloved Danvers series. For readers seeking a romance that is not only about finding love but also about finding oneself and overcoming life’s darkest moments, this book is a beacon of hope, strength, and love’s enduring power. With a story that is as tender as it is inspiring, “Always Loving You” is undoubtedly a must-read for fans of romance and readers who believe in love’s miraculous healing touch.

Always Loving You

Ava Stone has spent her entire life looking over her shoulder—waiting for the past to catch up with her....

After surviving a horrific attack as a teenager, Ava has never been able to truly overcome her fears. The incident was covered up by her family so she wouldn’t have to deal with it publicly—yet only one person understands what she had to endure in private: her brother’s best friend, MacKinley Powers, who found her the night of the attack. But even he doesn’t know everything—and she’s afraid to open up to him.

Mac has loved Ava for most of his life—and being in close contact with her every day as head of security for Danvers International isn’t helping. In fact, it makes him realize the painful truth: He has to walk away to keep his sanity. But when Ava is forced to rely on the only man who has never let her down, can Mac break through the protective walls she’s needed for so long?