Blue Honor

Blue Honor

Blue Honor

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“Blue Honor” by Bex Dane kickstarts the “Knight Security” series with a pulsating blend of military precision and heart-pounding romance. At the core of this thrilling narrative is Vander Knight, a former Navy SEAL whose expertise lies in extracting information through fear and intimidation. However, Vander meets his match in Misha, a fiery, red-headed Russian spy whose resilience and defiance challenge his every tactic. With his brother’s life hanging in the balance, Vander is plunged into a high-stakes game of wits and willpower against an adversary who compels him to reconsider his methods—and his heart.

Dane crafts a complex world where loyalties are tested, and the line between love and duty becomes blurred. Vander, characterized by his unwavering determination and brute strength, finds himself uncharacteristically vulnerable as he attempts to navigate his professional obligations and the unexpected feelings Misha evokes within him. Misha, on her part, is no mere damsel in distress. Her tenacity, coupled with a refusal to break under pressure, makes her a formidable counterpart to Vander. Their interactions, filled with tension and undeniable chemistry, drive the narrative forward, painting a vivid picture of two souls caught in a turbulent dance of power and passion.


The inclusion of a sweet stray puppy as a bridge between the captor and the captive adds a layer of depth to their relationship, highlighting the humanity beneath their hardened exteriors. Dane’s skillful writing ensures that the espionage and action-packed sequences complement rather than overshadow the developing romance, maintaining a balance that will satisfy fans of both genres.

“Blue Honor” excels not only as a tale of espionage and intrigue but also as a deep dive into the emotional turmoil that defines the lives of those who operate in the shadows. Vander’s struggle to secure his brother’s safety without compromising his morals or his heart adds a layer of emotional complexity that enriches the story. Misha’s dual identity as a spy and a woman capable of deep affection showcases the multifaceted nature of those who live a life of deceit for their country.

Bex Dane has set a high bar for the subsequent novels in the “Knight Security” series with “Blue Honor.” The book promises an unforgettable journey into a world where every move could be a matter of life and death and where love emerges as the most potent force of all. Readers will be left eagerly anticipating the next installment, hoping for more exhilarating adventures and, of course, more heart-stirring romance.

Blue Honor

A female Russian spy holds the key to finding Vander's brother. Can he trust her?

Former Navy SEAL Vander Knight usually relies on fear and intimidation to extract intel from an enemy, but his standard tactics won't work on the red-headed spitfire he's tasked with questioning.

He'll have to resort to building rapport with his sexy prisoner to coax her into revealing her secrets.

Breaking Misha without falling for her may be the toughest battle he'll ever face, but with his brother's life on the line, failure is not an option.

Misha refuses to yield to the demands of the gorgeous commando who has taken her captive.Even if he bribes her with a sweet stray puppy, she won't tell him anything about her double life as a Russian agent.

She'll simply retaliate with a seduction that will bring him to his knees. Vander may be a worthy opponent, but he's not the only one who can fight dirty.