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“Claimed,” the second book in Rebecca Zanetti’s “Dark Protectors” series, delves deeper into the entwined fates of the Kayrs family and the realm they govern, introducing readers to a thrilling story of love, power, and sacrifice. Following the footsteps of its predecessor, “Claimed” combines the elements of paranormal romance with high-stakes adventure, showcasing Zanetti’s prowess in crafting compelling narratives and complex characters.

Emma Paulsen, a geneticist with a rational mind and a hidden psychic ability, finds herself at the heart of this installment. Her abduction by the Kurjans, a malevolent force opposed to the vampire race, sets the stage for a daring rescue by Dage Kayrs, the King of the Realm. Emma’s character represents a fascinating blend of scientific acumen and psychic power, making her a formidable figure in her own right. Her realization that Dage is the man from her dreams adds a predestined layer to their explosive relationship, challenging Emma’s reliance on logic with the undeniable truth of fate.


Dage Kayrs, as King, embodies the responsibilities and burdens of leadership. His diplomatic skills and centuries-long search for his mate highlight his dedication to his people and the realm. However, finding Emma and recognizing her as his destined mate propels him into a realm of personal conflict, where the demands of his heart clash with the duties of his crown. Dage’s character is a study in the balance of power, love, and the sacrifices required to protect those one holds dear.

The threat posed by a virus targeting vampire mates introduces a dire complication to the narrative, raising the stakes for Emma, Dage, and the entire vampire race. This plotline not only serves as a catalyst for the action but also explores themes of vulnerability, protection, and the lengths to which individuals will go to safeguard their loved ones. Zanetti skillfully weaves these elements into the fabric of the story, ensuring that the romance between Emma and Dage is both passionate and poignant.

Praise for Zanetti’s debut, “Fated,” by Kate Douglas and Cynthia Eden, underscores the high expectations for “Claimed,” and Zanetti does not disappoint. The novel is fast-paced, heating up the pages from beginning to end while deepening the lore of the “Dark Protectors” universe. The romance between Emma and Dage is complex and compelling, marked by moments of intense vulnerability and unparalleled strength.

“Claimed” is a stellar continuation of the “Dark Protectors” series, offering a perfect blend of paranormal romance and thrilling action. Rebecca Zanetti proves once again her ability to create a world where love battles against darkness, and where the heart’s desires are intertwined with the fate of a realm. Emma and Dage’s journey is a testament to the enduring power of love, the weight of destiny, and the unbreakable bonds that form the foundation of the “Dark Protectors” series. As readers turn the pages, they are drawn deeper into a world that is as dangerous as it is seductive, eagerly anticipating the next installment in this captivating saga.


A Daring Rescue

Emma Paulsen is a geneticist driven by science. But she's also a psychic, so when a dark, good-hearted vampire frees her from the clutches of the evil Kurjans, she realizes he must be the man who's been haunting her dreams. But with a virus threatening vampires' mates, Emma may discover a whole new meaning of "lovesick". . .

A Deadly Decision

As King of the Realm, Dage Kayrs has learned to practice diplomacy. Still, it's taken three hundred years to find his mate, so he'll stop at nothing to protect her—even if it means turning his back on his own kind. . .