Defying Kilan

Defying Kilan

Defying Kilan

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“Defying Kilan,” the fourth book in RK Munin’s “Kiss Warrior” series, offers readers a tantalizing mix of tension, passion, and interstellar intrigue, making it a standout addition to the sci-fi alien romance genre. The story dives deep into themes of independence, survival, and the unexpected paths love can take, all set against the richly imagined backdrop of the Hissa homeworld.

The protagonist, Deena Clanless, is a compelling character whose life has been anything but ordinary. Created to serve the needs of a distant human family, Deena’s early life is marred by neglect and abuse. However, her indomitable spirit and innate skills as a pilot enable her to carve out a new existence far from the constraints of her past. Deena’s journey from a “Decanted” human designed for subservience to a fiercely independent woman is both inspiring and relatable, touching on the universal desire for freedom and self-determination.


Kilan, the acerbic Hissa male who becomes entangled with Deena, is equally well-drawn. His initial disdain for Deena belies a complex character grappling with his own prejudices and expectations. The dynamic between Deena and Kilan evolves beautifully throughout the story, moving from mutual annoyance to deep affection and understanding. Munin expertly navigates their relationship’s highs and lows, crafting a romance that is as satisfying as it is unexpected.

The setting of the dense Hissa jungle serves as a perfect crucible for Deena and Kilan’s relationship, providing both physical and emotional challenges that test their resilience and force them to confront their true feelings for one another. The inclusion of Deena’s heat cycle adds an urgent, primal layer to their interactions, further complicating their already fraught relationship.

One of the novel’s strengths is its exploration of the Hissa civilization, particularly in the context of the decimated population and the pressure to rebuild. The integration of Deena into this alien society raises thought-provoking questions about identity, belonging, and the nature of family. Munin handles these themes with sensitivity and depth, enriching the story with a sense of cultural and emotional complexity.

While “Defying Kilan” can be enjoyed as a standalone, it also benefits from its place within the broader “Kiss Warrior” series. Munin skillfully weaves in elements from previous books, enhancing world-building and character development without overwhelming new readers. The secondary characters, especially Lara and Mara from earlier entries, add richness and continuity to the narrative.

“Defying Kilan” is a captivating tale of love against the odds, set in a vividly imagined sci-fi universe. RK Munin’s storytelling prowess is on full display, combining steamy romance, thrilling adventure, and poignant emotional journeys. Fans of alien romance and new readers alike will find much to admire in Deena and Kilan’s story, making it a must-read addition to an already compelling series.

Defying Kilan

Take one rude female and one acerbic male, trap them together in a jungle during her heat, add an unexpected pregnancy and you have a recipe for stressful but satisfying happily ever after!

Deena Clanless, originally Deena Addington, is a human woman made to order by the Addington family. Because this human family lived far from Earth-controlled space, they decided to have a woman specifically designed and shipped out to be a wife and provide the next generation of Addingtons.

During her time with the Addington family, she’s treated with extravagant neglect. Given anything she asked for, she finds herself learning to pilot. When she gets the chance to escape an abusive husband and uncaring family, she walks away from the only home she’s ever known. She learns to make her way in the universe with her skills as a pilot and her own will of iron.

Many years later, she finds herself surrounded by a species called the Hissa. The strange mix of DNA used to create Decanted human females means she’s biologically breeding compatible with the Hissa, who lost so many of their population to a horrible plague a decade earlier.

But she has no intention of sticking around now that her good friend Lara is happily mated with one of their males and has a child of her own. She only came to Hissa to help Lara reconnect with her twin sister, Mara. That job done, she’s ready to figure out how to get off-planet and back into the role that suits her best: independent pilot.

She hits a snag when she finds herself trapped with Kilan, the only Hissa on the planet that doesn’t seem to like her. To make matters worse, she goes into heat while they’re both stranded in the middle of the dense Hissa jungle. Forced to sleep with him to relieve the worst of the symptoms, she doesn’t expect him to become so loving, or for her heart to start thawing.

But their few days together will cause a cascade of problems that have the potential of ripping apart Deena’s vow to be independent again. And Kilan’s strange actions toward her aren’t helping. The only answer, as far as Deena is concerned, is to get as far away from Kilan and all the Hissa as soon as she can.

Too bad fate has other ideas.