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In the fourth installment of the Shadow Beast Shifters series, “Deserted,” Jaymin Eve takes us on a journey with Melalekin, “Angel” of the Honor Meadows, a warrior who has faced battle, death, and loss as her relentless companion. Yet, her encounter with Mera Callahan, a pivotal shifter who has dramatically altered her life’s course, signifies a rebirth.

Angel’s scars and past losses become dim memories against the backdrop of a new existence she dares to envision for herself. However, one formidable obstacle looms large on her path to renewal: Reece of the Desert Lands, a deity with a penchant for vengeance and a long-standing grudge against her.


This book swept me up in a whirlwind of emotions, leaving me uncertain whether to laugh, cry, or simmer with anger. Throughout its pages, I found myself frequently on the verge of tears – and no, it wasn’t just sweat from my eyes.

Jaymin Eve has a remarkable talent for evoking deep emotions, making the characters’ experiences and losses palpably felt. This immersive emotional journey is something I deeply appreciate in her writing. It allows us as readers to fully engage with and understand the characters’ feelings, a quality I find incredibly enriching in literature.

“Deserted” delves deep into the complex, turbulent history between Angel and Reece, a god not accustomed to opposition. Reece holds Angel responsible for a devastating loss, marking their relationship with bitterness and relentless animosity. Eve masterfully unfolds their story, set against the backdrop of the Delfora, the ancient desert lands that have witnessed the genesis of their strife. The narrative artfully explores themes of redemption, the indelible marks of the past, and the razor-thin divide between love and hate.

Jaymin Eve continues to excel in world-building, immersing readers in the mystical and treacherous desert landscapes that serve as the stage for Angel and Reece’s final confrontation. The setting is not just a backdrop but a catalyst for the unfolding drama, symbolizing the arid chasm between the characters and their shared history of loss.

As Angel and Reece find themselves ensnared in the very heart of their tumultuous past during a dynastic convergence in the Delfora, they are compelled to confront the reality that their futures are inextricably linked to their shared history. Eve navigates their journey with a keen understanding of character development, allowing both Angel and Reece to confront their inner demons and the possibility of forgiveness.

“Deserted” is a poignant exploration of the dynamics of forgiveness, growth, and the capacity for change. Eve’s narrative prowess shines as she balances intense action sequences with deep emotional introspection. The chemistry between Angel and Reece is palpable, evolving from mutual disdain to something far more complex and potentially redemptive.

A highlight of this book for me was experiencing the story from Angel’s perspective. Unlike her portrayal in earlier books, where her emotions are more guarded, here she displays a full spectrum of feelings alongside her signature sarcastic wit. It’s impossible not to grow even fonder of Angel as her layers unfold.

Reece, with his newfound possessiveness and alpha demeanor, provides a delightful contrast. I couldn’t help but chuckle at his transformation. Mera’s nickname for him, “Shadow number 2,” couldn’t be more apt, underscoring the deep bond and brotherly love between him and Shadow, adding a rich layer to their dynamic.

I eagerly anticipate seeing similar relationships develop among the other male characters in the series. It’s not just Shadow and Reece who show protectiveness over their mates, and I hope this theme extends to others in the group.

Len, the Fae brother, brings a lightheartedness to the narrative with his flirtatious banter with Angel, skillfully eliciting Reece’s jealous side. This interaction not only entertains but also subtly confirms Reece’s deep interest in Angel, showcasing Len’s role as the group’s provocateur.

“Deserted” is a compelling addition to the Shadow Beast Shifters series, showcasing Jaymin Eve’s talent for blending thrilling paranormal elements with profound emotional depth. Fans of the series will be captivated by Angel’s journey and the exploration of her fraught relationship with Reece. This installment not only advances the overarching narrative but also offers readers a standalone story of loss, love, and the potential for healing in the face of insurmountable odds.


Melalekin "Angel" of the Honor Meadows has been a warrior her entire life.

Battle. Death. Loss. They were her constant companions until the day she met Mera Callahan.

A shifter who ended up being so much more. A shifter who changed her life, and now... she has been reborn. The scars of her past are gone. Her losses muted under the new life she plans on living.

There's just one being standing in her way. A grudge holding desert deity who has made an art form out of making her life hell. Reece of the Desert Lands is a god unused to being defied, and he has a very long memory when it comes to those who wronged him. Angel is the one he blames for the worst loss in his life, and he'll never let her forget it.

Their history is tragic and bloodied, and the pair are set to clash one more time, especially when they end up trapped in the very spot where they lost it all. A meeting of the dynasties in the Delfora, the ancient desert lands, will force them to the place it all began. Here they will learn that sometimes the past defines your future.

And that there is a fine line between love and hate.