Empire of Desire

Empire of Desire: An Age Gap Father's Best Friend Romance

Empire of Desire

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“Empire of Desire” delves deep into the complexities of forbidden love, weaving a tantalizing tale that blurs the lines between right and wrong, desire and duty. The novel introduces us to a young woman who finds herself irreversibly drawn to her father’s best friend, Nathaniel Weaver, a man who embodies power, allure, and a world of experience far beyond her years. Eighteen years her senior, Nathaniel is not just a symbol of unattainable desire; he is a titan in his own right, a man who has shaped his destiny with the world at his feet.

Rina Kent does it again with “Empire of Desire,” crafting a tale that’s as gritty and complex as it is forbidden and magnetic. This novel encapsulates everything fans adore about Kent’s writing: the raw, the messy, the utterly surprising, and a love story so intense it will leave you breathless.


From the outset, “Empire of Desire” grabs you, pulling you into a world you won’t want to leave. Our heroine, Gwen, is immediately captivated by her depth of feeling and unspoken longing. Kent masterfully keeps the plot under wraps, but rest assured, this narrative is ripe with the twists and jaw-dropping turns we’ve come to expect from her. Despite not delving into her typically darker themes, Kent ensures the story remains saturated with intrigue. Gwen, now of age, transitions her adoration for her father’s best friend into something deeper, something more dangerous and compelling. Yet, as plans unravel, so does a relationship too potent to ignore, evolving beyond its forbidden beginnings to something profoundly transformative for both Gwen and Nathaniel (Nate).

The chemistry between the protagonists is palpable from their very first forbidden encounter, setting the stage for a romance that is as fraught with tension as it is with passion. The author, Rin Kent, masterfully explores the nuances of a relationship that defies societal norms, inviting readers into a whirlwind of emotions accompanying the pursuit of a love society deems off-limits.

As the narrative unfolds, we witness the transformation of a fleeting crush into a deep, uncontrollable longing that neither time nor reason can diminish. The protagonists’ journey is marked by moments of vulnerability and strength, highlighting the courage it takes to embrace one’s desires in the face of judgment and opposition.

The forced marriage plot device serves as a catalyst for their relationship, trapping them in a web of proximity that intensifies their connection and forces them to confront the depth of their feelings for one another. This union, born out of necessity, gradually reveals layers of compatibility and mutual respect that perhaps would have remained hidden had they not been thrust into such an intimate predicament.

“Empire of Desire” is more than just a story of forbidden romance; it is a narrative that challenges the boundaries of love and the societal constructs that define it. Rin Kent’s writing style is both evocative and elegant, capturing the essence of an age-gap romance with sensitivity and a keen understanding of human emotions.

Nate, possibly Kent’s most nuanced character yet, is a study in contrasts. His past burdens have shaped his worldview, yet beneath his stoic exterior beats a heart yearning for connection. Gwen, with her boundless love and insight, becomes the key to unlocking his guarded heart, revealing a passion that’s as intense as it is unexpected. Their relationship’s evolution—from a forbidden attraction to a profound partnership—is both scorching hot and deeply emotional.

Gwen stands out as a particularly compelling character. Kent skillfully balances her youthful naivety with a maturity that transcends her years, making her the perfect counterpart to Nate. Her journey from innocence to empowerment is as captivating as Nate’s own emotional awakening.

Together, Gwen and Nate are electric, and their relationship is a perfect blend of steamy encounters and heartfelt moments of vulnerability. Kent doesn’t just deliver on the chemistry; she delves deep into the emotional core of their bond, making their growth both individual and shared, a central theme of the story.

For those who are captivated by stories of love that defy the odds, “Empire of Desire” promises an enthralling experience. It is a testament to the enduring power of love, reminding us that sometimes, the most forbidden fruits are the sweetest to taste.

Supporting characters add richness to the narrative, offering glimpses into potential future stories and revisiting beloved figures from Kent’s repertoire. Particularly poignant is Gwen’s relationship with her father, adding layers of complexity to the central romance and highlighting Kent’s ability to weave deep emotional connections alongside the central love story.

This book captured my heart completely, brimming with tender moments and the kind of agony that makes your eyes sting with unshed tears. The way their pain was conveyed was so potent and real, it was impossible not to feel it deep within. The storytelling was exquisite, weaving a narrative that was both beautiful and compelling. The connection between the characters was undeniable, their chemistry leaping off the pages. This wasn’t as dark as Rina Kent’s usual fare, which suited these characters and their world perfectly. It was a refreshing change to immerse in a story with a good balance of sweetness and heat, without being overshadowed by darkness. Gwyneth’s fiery and whimsical nature was delightful, making her an instantly likable character. Nate was fascinating; his perspective and the evolution of his character were captivating to follow. The story flowed seamlessly.

I’m a sucker for the heartache and tumult of forbidden love. Nate epitomized the “I don’t do attachments” demeanor, battling to maintain that stance throughout. Right from the start, I was hooked, drawn into their story. The physical and emotional dynamics between the main characters were intense, stirring a deep and resonant array of feelings within me.

“Empire of Desire” is more than a romance; it’s a journey of self-discovery, confrontation, and ultimately, healing. With its blend of drama, revelation, and tender moments, this entry into the Empire series is a standout novel and a testament to Kent’s prowess as a storyteller. Gwen and Nate’s story is not just a favorite for the year—it’s a highlight in contemporary romance, showcasing Rina Kent at her best.

Empire of Desire

My forbidden husband. I kissed my father’s best friend and it kind of didn’t go well. Not only because he’s eighteen years older than me—but he also didn’t like it. Not one bit.

In my defense, I didn’t mean to fall for him. It just happened. Nathaniel Weaver is the most attractive man I’ve ever seen with enough charisma to blind the sun. He’s bigger than the world, owns half of it and conquered the other half.

He was forbidden. Wrong. So I totally got over him. Or so I told myself. Until we’re forced to get married. Now I’m trapped. But maybe he’s trapped too. Because we’re both reaching for that forbidden fruit dangling between us.