Fire In His Kiss

Fire In His Kiss

Fire In His Kiss

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“Fire in His Kiss” is the second installment in the Fireblood Dragon series by Ruby Dixon, delving deeper into the enthralling and perilous world where dragons reign supreme over the ashes of humanity. Continuing the trend set by the first book, “Fire in His Kiss” combines the raw intensity of a post-apocalyptic setting with the captivating allure of dragon shifter romance, crafting a narrative that is both emotionally charged and action-packed.

In this sequel, Dixon introduces us to a new pair of protagonists, each with their own deep-seated struggles and desires. The story revolves around a fierce drakoni warrior, overwhelmed by the madness that the new world inflicts upon his kind, finding solace and clarity in the presence of a human, Sasha. From the moment he saves her life, claiming her as his own, the narrative unfolds into a complex exploration of trust, healing, and the relentless pursuit of love amidst chaos.


The drakoni’s perspective on his own bloodlust and insanity provides a dark yet fascinating insight into the internal conflicts faced by these dragon shifters. His character is meticulously crafted to showcase the turmoil that comes from the clash of his primal nature and the remnants of his sanity. Dixon excels in developing this character, ensuring that readers are drawn into his struggle for control and the longing for a connection that can anchor him to something more than violence and destruction.

Sasha, on the other hand, embodies resilience and vulnerability. Her wariness and fear towards the drakoni who claims her as his mate are palpable and justified, given her fragile state and the world’s harsh realities. Dixon navigates Sasha’s journey of healing and self-discovery with sensitivity and depth, portraying her reluctance to trust and her gradual opening to the possibility of love as natural and relatable responses to her circumstances.

The dynamics of their relationship are at the heart of “Fire in His Kiss.” Dixon skillfully addresses the question of how a dragon can woo a human, imbuing the narrative with moments of tenderness, frustration, and profound connection. The drakoni’s determination to bond with Sasha, not just physically but also emotionally and spiritually, drives the story forward, presenting readers with a nuanced depiction of romance that transcends species barriers.

The world-building in “Fire in His Kiss” continues to impress, expanding on the devastated landscape and the societal structures that have emerged in the wake of the apocalypse. The presence of dragons as both threats and potential allies adds a layer of complexity to the survivors’ existence, enriching the setting and providing a backdrop against which the personal struggles of the characters gain even greater significance.

However, as with many sequels, “Fire in His Kiss” faces the challenge of balancing the introduction of new elements with the continuation of established themes. While Dixon manages this balance adeptly, some readers might find the pacing and development of the relationship between Sasha and her drakoni mate slightly rushed, given the depth of their initial conflicts. Nonetheless, the emotional authenticity and the engaging plot more than compensate for any pacing issues, making “Fire in His Kiss” a worthy successor to its predecessor.

“Fire in His Kiss” is a compelling and heart-wrenching addition to the Fireblood Dragon series. Ruby Dixon succeeds in weaving a tale of passion, resilience, and redemption that captures the imagination and tugs at the heartstrings. Fans of the series and newcomers alike will find much to admire in this story of a dragon’s quest to woo his human mate against the backdrop of a world reborn from fire and ash.

Fire In His Kiss

Bloodlust and insanity rule my existence. As a fierce drakoni warrior, this strange new world I find myself in eats at my mind until there is nothing left. There is no light or clarity...until she arrives. I save her life, plucking her from the sky. From that point on, she is mine.

But the human I have chosen for my mate - Sasha - is fragile and wounded. She does not trust me and fears my presence. I will not give up, though. I will do anything to give her my fires and bond us both in body and spirit. How can I convince her that I want nothing more than her happiness if she will not let me touch her? How does a dragon woo a human?